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Name X Org X Main Phone X State X Region X County X City/Town X Status X Last Update X Last Item Update X Type X
Workforce Housing Alliance - Alabama Non-profit 251-494-8565 AL       Open 2011/06/23 LPar 2011/06/23 LPar Info/Hotline Show
Working Wardrobes Non-Profit Phone: (714) 210-2460 Fax: (714) 434-2870 CA Southern Orange Fountain Valley Open 2009/09/05 LTel 2010/05/19 LTel Info/Hotline Show
Working Your Way Back Home Employment Assistance 888-844-3577 MS Statewide     Open 2008/02/21 LTel 2008/02/21 LTel Walk-in Resource Show
World Cares Center Disaster Relief/Community Development 212-563-7570 HT Haiti, Caribbean     Open 2011/01/13 LTel 2011/01/13 LTel Info/Hotline Show
World Cares Center (HQ) - 2012 - HURRICANE SANDY (VOLUNTEERS OPS IN NY)   212-563-7570 / Toll-free: 1.800.975.4281 NY East Coast Various New York Open 2012/11/03 LTel 2012/11/03 LTel Volunteer Camp Show
World Cares Center - 2012 - HURRICANE SANDY (VOLUNTEER OPS IN NJ) NJ Statewide VARIOUS VARIOUS Open 2012/11/03 tfri 2012/11/03 DNug Volunteer Camp Show
World Changers Church - Georgia Satellite Church, Carrollton 2009 Response Faith-Based Disaster Relief 770-210-5700 GA NorthEast Carroll Carrollton Standby 2011/06/19 tfri 2009/10/03 tfri Info/Hotline Show
World Computer Exchange Recycling Network   WW       Open 2009/11/03 tfri 2009/11/03 tfri Info/Hotline Show
World Concern Faith-Based, Humanitarian Aid-Disaster Relief & Recovery (800) 755.5022 OR (206) 546.7201 HT Haiti, Caribbean     Open 2012/09/04 DNug 2012/09/04 DNug Info/Hotline Show
World Concern (HQ)   (800) 755.5022 OR (206) 546.7201 WA Worldwide   Seattle Open 2011/03/19 LTel 2011/03/19 LTel Info/Hotline Show
World Connect   US (781) 894-8050 x202 HT   Les Palmes Lafond Open 2011/02/04 DNug 2011/02/04 DNug Info/Hotline Show
World Eco Store ("low-profit" business offering low prices for: water purification equipment/supplies)   415 525 3243 office and 650-235-6941 cell (24/7 communications) email: skype: worldecostore skype: patrick.picotin CA       Open 2013/02/19 tfri 2010/12/29 PPic Open Business* Show
World Emergency Relief - 2010 Haiti Earthquake     HT Grand Anse   Cite Soleil Open 2010/11/07 LTel 2010/11/07 LTel Info/Hotline Show
World Health Organization - WHO (2011 Earthquake & Tsunami)     JP Asia     Open 2013/12/26 tfri 2011/03/30 DNug Info/Hotline Show
World Hope International - 2010 Haiti Earthquake (DIST: HOT MEALS/BLANKETS & MEDICAL TEAMS-URGENT CARE)   443.451.1900 or 800.535.5433 HT Haiti, Caribbean   Port-Au-Prince Open 2010/11/07 LTel 2010/11/07 LTel Walk-in Resource Show
World Privacy Forum (privacy rights) Advocacy Group   US       Open 2009/12/23 tfri 2009/12/23 tfri Info/Hotline Show
World Relief and Human Care (Lutheran Church)     HT       Open 2010/10/30 DNug 2010/10/30 DNug Info/Hotline Show
World Society For The Protection of Animals (WSPA) - (2010 Haiti Earthquake Response) Animal Disaster Response   HT Haiti, Carribean     Open 2010/02/13 LTel 2010/01/15 LTel Animal Shelter Show
World Vets International Aid for Animals (2011 Japan Earthquake/Tsunami) - (IN-KIND DONATION COLLECTIONS - VET SUPPLIES)   Toll Free Phone:1 877-688-8387 JP Asia     Open 2011/03/18 LTel 2011/03/18 LTel Animal Shelter Show
World Vision (Out of Country Responders) - (2011 Japan Earthquake/Tsunami)   JP Tel +81-(0)3-3367-7251 JP Asia     Open 2011/03/16 LTel 2011/03/13 LTel Info/Hotline Show
World Vision - 2010 Pakistan Floods / Armed Conflict Faith-Based Disaster Relief/Medical/Development 1-888-562-4453 / 253-815-1000 PK South Asia Various - See Area Served Various - See Area Served Open 2010/09/28 LTel 2010/08/25 tfri Info/Hotline Show
World Vision - 2011 AL Tornadoes     AL   Various Various Open 2012/03/14 LPar 2011/05/15 LTel Info/Hotline Show
World Vision - 5/11 Tornado   1-888-511-6548 MO   Various Various Open 2011/05/30 LTel 2011/05/30 LTel Donor Show
World Vision - Pine Ridge Mission Trips     SD   Shannon Pine Ridge Unknown 2012/07/25 DNug 2011/09/18 DNug Info/Hotline Show
World Vision - Storehouse Dallas, TX Faith-Based Humanitarian Outreach 1-888-511-6548 OR 1-888-562-4453 TX Northeast Dallas Dallas Open 2011/09/18 DNug 2012/11/17 LTel Donor Show
World Vision India Faith-based Humanitarian Outreach +91 44 24807070 I* Tamil Nadu-State of India   Chennai Open 2007/09/15 LKam 2007/11/18 DNug Info/Hotline Show
World Vision Indonesia     IS       Open 2010/12/01 DNug 2010/10/26 DNug Info/Hotline Show
World Vision International Social Services Agency, Disaster Recovery   HT Haiti, Caribbean   Port-au-Prince, Petionville, St. Martin (and various locales) Open 2011/01/18 LTel 2011/01/18 LTel Info/Hotline Show
World Vision International - 2010 Chile Earthquake (DIST: WATER/SHELTER SUPPLIES) Faith-Based Disaster Relief 1.888.56.CHILD CL Various Concepción Province (and other areas)   Open 2010/03/06 LTel 2010/03/06 LTel Supply POD Show
World Vision Japan     JP Miyagi Prefecture     Open 2011/03/25 LTel 2011/03/25 LTel Info/Hotline Show
World Vision New Zealand   0800 800 776 NZ     Auckland Open 2011/02/28 DNug 2011/02/28 tfri Info/Hotline Show
World Vision Storehouse - Albany, GA Non-Profit Faith-Based Community Outreach 229 439 7101 GA   Dougherty Albany Open 2011/06/22 tfri 2009/10/02 LTel Warehouse Show
World Vision Storehouse - Picayune, MS Faith-based Humanitarian Outreach/Disaster Recovery 601-798-9992 MS Statewide Pearl River Picayune Open 2012/10/08 DNug 2011/05/19 LTel Warehouse Show
World Vision US Headquarters Disaster Relief/Community Development 1-888-511-6548 (US) WA NorthWest King Federal Way Open 2012/10/30 DNug 2012/10/30 DNug Warehouse Show
World Vision, Los Angeles Storehouse Faith-based Humanitarian Outreach (323) 888-2121 CA Southern Los Angeles Monrovia Open 2009/10/16 LTel 2010/05/22 LTel Warehouse Show
World Vision’s Miami Logistics Support Center     FL     Medley Open 2010/10/20 DNug 2010/10/20 DNug Info/Hotline Show
World Volunteer Web (UN sponsored site for volunteers that want to work internationally) Volunteer Listings/Resources (international, Germany) (Dial 011 from the states, or 00 from Europe) then: (49 228) 815 2000 WW     Based in Germany Open 2009/01/20 tfri 2009/01/20 tfri Info/Hotline Show
World Water Relief Haiti - 2010 Haiti Response - (SUPPLIES: WATER PURIFICATION EQUIPMENT/LTR) Community Development   HT Centre   Mirebalais Open 2011/03/07 LPar 2010/04/05 LTel Info/Hotline Show
World Wide Village (VOLUNTEER Management/Reservations site) Volunteer Coordination/Staging Site 651 7776908 HT Haiti, Caribbean     Open 2010/07/10 LTel 2010/07/10 LTel Volunteer Camp Show
World of God (Supports OFCB, SPONSOR A CHILD)   US - 704-831-4620 HT Artibonite   Bayonnais Open 2011/01/08 DNug 2011/01/08 DNug Info/Hotline Show
WorldVision, Georgia   (770) 825-0449 Wes Powell, GA, AL & MS SouthEast Area Director GA     Atlanta Open 2011/06/22 tfri 2011/06/22 tfri Info/Hotline Show
WorldWide Shelters - 2010 Haiti Earthquake   3888-1696 HT Nord-Quest   Petionville Open 2010/07/25 LTel 2010/07/25 LTel Shelter Show (write in coordination to eliminate big party electoral system)     US       Open 2012/10/05 tfri 2012/10/05 tfri Info/Hotline Show
WunderGround StormReports (Severe Weather, Local Assessments) News Organization   US       Open 2011/04/19 tfri 2011/04/24 tfri Info/Hotline Show
Xavier University Health Services   504-520-7396 LA Gulf Orleans New Orleans Open 2007/09/23 LTel 2007/11/26 LTel Medical Facility Show
Y-MED (Young Mothers Educational Development) Womens Services Ph: (812) 376-4453 IN   Bartholomew Columbus Open 2008/07/04 tfri 2008/07/04 Walk-in Resource Show
YAZOO MOTOR BLDG. (Volunteer Mississippi - Vol. Reception & POD Site) - 2010 MS Tornado   1-888- 353-1793 (Vol. Reception) Jackson Office: (601) 432-6779 MS Central Yazoo Yazoo City Standby 2011/05/08 LTel 2010/04/27 LTel Walk-in Resource Show
YMCA - Red Cross Shelter - 2010 Fourmile Cyn. Wildfire (CLOSED 2 p.m. 9/13/10) Red Cross Evacuation Shelter   CO Front Range Boulder Boulder Standby 2010/09/14 LTel 2012/05/29 tfri Shelter Show
YMCA Adolescent Girls Medical Clinic   860-679-3675 CT       Unknown 2007/10/28 DNug 2012/05/29 tfri Medical Facility Show
YMCA of The Pikes Peak Region - 2012 WALDO CANYON WILDFIRE YMCA 719.471.9790 CO Pikes Peak El Paso Colorado Springs Open 2012/06/24 LTel 2012/06/24 LTel Walk-in Resource Show
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