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Organization: Georgia Tornado Relief Resource Directory
Facility Type: Walk-in Resource
Status: Open

300 West 3rd Street
Rome, GA 00000


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The Floyd County EMA Crisis Center is located at 300 West 3rd Street, Rome. The center will open May 4 with hours from 8-5, 7 days a week.

It will be a "service center" for people to find services. Registration.

Volunteers needed for debris/cleanup.

Volunteers are critically needed to work in the affected neighborhoods to remove trees and debris. Need Volunteer Groups and Individuals to help with the removal process. These include teams of people who can clear debris, certified to run a chainsaw, provide strong backs and willing hearts. Before coming to the Rome/Floyd County area, contact the Disaster Recovery Center 706-291-5144.

Additional Needs and Volunteer opportunities can be found at the following website:

Individuals or groups wishing to donate items can take them to the Disaster Recovery Center on West 3rd Street. The following items are being accepted: bottled water, construction bags, garbage bags, tarps, gloves, masks, toiletry items, sunscreen. We are NOT accepting clothes.

Contribution of items are also being accepted at Bagwell Food Pantry, Rome Action Ministries (706-766-2031), Habitat for Humanity, Third Street Ministries and The Salvation Army in Rome and Floyd County. Items needed are:
Priority: Canned protein items, such as canned chicken, meat, Spaghettios, macaroni and choose, etc. Non-perishable items, bottled water, Gatorade, paper towels, cleaning supplies, gloves, and lidded totes (like Rubbermaid storage bins). Tarps, heavy duty garbage bags, work gloves are also needed.
Clothing accepted at Salvation Army and Third Street Ministries only.

The Disaster Recovery Center is in charge of organizing the volunteer groups and donations. If you would like to volunteer items or services, please call 706-291-5144.

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Created At: Thu May 05 05:52:44 +0000 2011
Updated At: Wed May 18 23:22:30 +0000 2011
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