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Brighton Allston Congregational Church United Church of Christ

Organization: Church
Facility Type: Walk-in Resource
Status: Open

404 Washington Street

Brighton, MA 02135


Main/General Business Number: 617-254-4046

Mission: from the website:

The congregation of Brighton Allston Congregational Church, United Church of Christ seeks in gratitude and joy to embrace, love, and share with all the gifts of God's love, compassion, and acceptance as a living, diverse, and genuine community
of Christ Jesus.

Client/Case Management Information
Contact Name:write or call for details

Eligibility For Services:all are welcome, for free dinner, income eligibility applies

This organization provides Temporary or Permanent Service? Permanent


from the website:

We are an open and diverse congregation of gentle folks representing many lifestyles and at least ten nationalities located in the Allston Brighton section of Boston. Together with word and action, worship and service, we seek to nourish heart, mind, body, and spirit in our ministry together. Our Wednesday Community Supper (soup kitchen) and Saturday Food Pantry welcome all in the community.

Rev. Karen Fritz - Pastor
Fernando Michelin - Musician
Lois Corman - Administrator

Come bring your happy and hurting hearts,
your searching and supple spirits,
your wise and whimsical beings,
so God may embrace and empower us for good.

The Brighton-Allston UCC is an "Open and Affirming" Congregation

We have a community supper every Wednesday evening at 6 PM. There is no cost and all are welcome to attend!

10:30 Sunday Service

Handicap accessible
Large print bulletins

Information about the Nearly New Thrift Shop can be found at

"Open and Affirming":
Lesbian/Gay/Bi/Transexual Supportive Community

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Created At: Sun Nov 30 06:03:55 -0700 2008
Updated At: Thu Nov 21 16:41:32 -0700 2013
Updated By: DSte

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