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After Economy (Assn of Co-operative enterprises/orgs)

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After Economy is a resource center and guide to help you shop from, work for, start and promote Employee-Owned Companies and Customer or Worker-Owned Cooperatives of all kinds.

After Economy believes that employee and customer ownership makes for a more democratic and equal way to conduct business that works for everyone involved. We believe that Employee-Owned Companies and Customer-Owned Cooperatives will end many of the economic problems we face today, including income inequality. We are a useful tool for finding and promoting organizations that are democratically owned and operated by their workers, customers or both. We advocate for the benefits of supporting Employee-Owned Companies and Customer-Owned Cooperatives of all sorts; we also provide a directory for consumers to find and become aware of such companies. We have an online "Meeting Place" along with links to resources and information for those who wish to start Customer-Owned Cooperatives, Employee-Owned Companies or Worker-Owned Cooperatives.

After Economy believes we can all help build a more equal and democratic economy that works for everyone. Buy from, work for and start Employee-Owned Companies, Customer-Owned cooperatives and Worker-Owned Cooperatives.

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Created At: Wed Feb 08 15:48:23 -0700 2017
Updated At: Wed Feb 08 15:48:23 -0700 2017
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