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PetCo Pet Supplies PetCo US   Open     2005/10/18 tfri Animals, Crate, Animal Crates   Avail   Show
PetCo Pet Supplies PetCo US   Open     2005/10/18 tfri Animals, Medication, Heartworm Meds/Flea Control   Avail   Show
Trinity United Methodist Church Church MS Gulfport Open 228 863 2717 Harrison 2005/10/18 tfri Meals, Lunches, Misc.   Avail   Show
D'Iberville Volunteer Foundation Private Citizen Volunteers MS D'Iberville Open (228) 396-1930 Harrison 2005/10/18 tfri Meals * (ANY/ALL Types)   Avail   Show
Jackson County Civic Action Committee Community Services MS Moss Point Open (228) 769-3292 Jackson 2005/10/12 CWil Financial Assistance, ** Financial Assistance (ANY/ALL Types)   Avail   Show
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Shelter Open Business* Info/Hotline Animal Shelter Volunteer Camp Family/Individual Database Training/Admin Supply POD Unassigned Region/Area Unknown Donor Medical Facility Warehouse Walk-in Resource School