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City of Cambridge Social Service Resources (focused on houseless)

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Cambridge and region, MA 00000



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Shelter for Homeless Individuals

The following shelters, except for CASPAR’s Emergency Service Center at 240 Albany Street, require that guests not be under the influence of substances. Guests also need to reserve beds, in some cases as early as 7:30am. Beds fill quickly, especially in cold or bad weather.

Always call first when possible

. Note that by individual arrangement, some shelters are able to offer emergency beds on an extended basis to a limited number of guests who meet
shelter-specific criteria. During extreme weather events, as well, shelters are sometimes able to accommodate extra guests on an emergency, no-reservation basis.

Salvation Army Shelter
402 Massachusetts Avenue;
Short term and extended-stay beds for men who are sober only. Offers case
management, substance abuse services, and vocational counseling.

Call first thing in the morning (starting at 7am) to reserve a bed. Arrive before 7pm to claim a bed.

CASPAR Emergency Services Center
240 Albany Street; closest to #1bus from Central or Harvard
Beds for individuals (no gender restriction) who are actively using alcohol or
drugs; shelter for more than one night requires proof of history of Cambridge or Somerville residency. Separate beds for guests who are seeking active support for recovery. To claim a bed, go in person to the shelter.Unlike most other shelters, the Emergency Service Center operates 24/7, and remains open to shelter guests throughout the day.

Harvard Square Homeless Shelter
66 Winthrop Street; Harvard
617-547-2841 or 888-285-4038
Short-term and extended-stay beds for individuals (no gender restriction) who
are sober only; extended-stay beds are typically reserved for persons who
are working.

Open from November 1 to April 15 only

Extended-stay beds are assigned by lottery. Call the 888 phone number above between 7:30 and 8am for a lottery number. Call back between 8:05 and 8:30am to find out whether your assigned number was selected for a bed. Lottery results will also be posted at the door of the shelter. For short-term beds, call at 9:30pm to find out about space availability.

St. Patrick’s Women’s Shelter
270 Washington Street
, Somerville
; #86 bus from Harvard or #91 from Central
Short-term beds for women who are sober only, and extended-stay beds with
case management for sober women who are also working.
To reserve a bed, show up by 3pm at the shelter. If there are more women than
beds, a lottery will be held.

Y2Y Shelter
1 Church Street;
Short-term beds for youthaged 18-24 (no gender restriction) only.
Open from October 15 to April 15 only

Beds are available for lengths of 30 nights or of 1 night, distributed by a lottery process. To enter the lottery for a 30-night bed, call the phone number above between 8:00am and 8:45am in the morning. To enter the lottery for a 1-night bed, call the number above between 9:00pm and 9:30pm.To connect to shelter for unaccompanied/runaway youth under age 18, see

Bridge Over Troubled Waters
First Church Shelter
11 Garden Street;

Extended-stay beds for men who are sober only.
Referral from another provider is required; the individual or provider should call periodically to reiterate their request.

Heading Home Shelter
109 School Street;
Short-term beds, as well as extended-stay beds with case management, for
individuals (no gender restriction) who are
sober only.

Call at 10am to reserve a bed; referral required (from staff at a previous shelter, the Multi-Service Center, or another provider).

If Cambridge shelters are full:
Among shelters in Cambridge, the Salvation Army and CASPAR Emergency Service Center have the greatest ability to stretch their capacity to accommodate unsheltered persons placed at heightened risk by extreme winter weather.
Some of the larger shelters in Boston are able to accommodate significant numbers of otherwise unsheltered persons who would be at risk by such extreme weather. CASPAR’s FirstStep Street Outreach Team (617-592-6895, weekdays from 8am to midnight; weekends and holidays from 1 to 9pm) will have updated information about the availability of beds in Cambridge shelters, and can provide assistance to unsheltered individuals in accessing beds in Cambridge, or, if none are available, in Boston. The CASPAR FirstStep vehicles do not have wheelchair lifts; however, staff can help arrange (but cannot guarantee)
alternate transportation for persons whose mobility disabilities prevent them from stepping into the vehicles.

Cambridge Winter Warming Center
806 Massachusetts Avenue, basement level;
Open from approximately December to April only

The Warming Center is a welcoming and safe drop in center where unsheltered adults can come and spend the night and be safe from the environmental hazards of the street during the winter months.The Center offers a safe space, with beverages and a hot meal, access to bathrooms, and the ability to rest on a yoga mat on the floor. The Center is open 11 hours each night, 7 nights weekly during the winter months. Once guests arrive, they are asked to stay on site, go through a safety check, and store their personal belongings. Check at the website above, as the winter season approaches, for the exact opening date and nightly hours.

Drop-in Programs
Salvation Army
402 Massachusetts Avenue;
Drop-in program on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday from
8:30am to 3:30pm; Saturday from 11:30am to 1pm; and Sunday from 1 to 3pm.
Daily lunch and supplemental food, showers, laundry facilities, clothing. Staff
social workers can help with referrals.

Youth on Fire
1 Church Street (inside Y2Y Shelter space);

Drop-in for homeless and at-risk youth aged 14 to 24, open Monday, Wednesday,
and Friday from 11am to 5:45pm; meals served from 1:30 to 3pm, and snacks
available at all drop-in times. Services available by appointment only on Tuesday and Thursday; call the telephone number above to schedule.
Hot meals are served from 2:30 to 5:30pm on days when the program is open,
and showers, lockers, food, counseling, case management, housing assistance,
health care, clothes, laundry, computers, books, and games are also offered.

On the Rise’s Safe Haven
341 Broadway;

Drop-in for clients who identify as women who are homeless and need a level
of support that other programs may not be able to provide. This is not a general drop-in program, and women must meet with an advocate for an informal intake
to determine whether On the Rise is the right fit. Open Wednesday and Friday
from 8am to 4pm; and Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday from 8am to

Helps women meet basic nutritional, hygiene, and safety needs while also
receiving flexible support to begin addressing issues related to trauma, addiction, mental and physical health, domestic and sexual violence, disabilities, immigration, legal problems, and poverty.

The Women’s Center
46 Pleasant Street;
Women can obtain information, referrals, and emotional support from staff and
volunteers; access printed info about programs, services, events, jobs, health
issues, etc.; and participate in issue-specific or general support groups. Open
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday from 10am to 8pm; and
Saturday from 10am to 3pm.

Citywide Senior Center
806 Massachusetts Avenue;
For people
60 and older
. Open Monday from 8:30am to 8pm, Tuesday,
Wednesday, and Thursday; Friday from 8:30am to 3pm; and Saturday and holidays
from 8:30am to 1pm. Offers social and recreational activities, ESL, computer
access, and fitness classes. Breakfast and lunch served daily.
• 14 •
Access: Drug User Health Program
359 Green Street;
Provides a range of services including services include HIV/HCV/STI testing,
health education and navigation, risk-reduction counseling, overdose education,
Narcan distribution, street and community outreach, behavioral health services,
support groups, drop-in services, safer sex and drug use supplies, and nursing.
Open on a drop-in basis from 9am to 4pm Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and
Fridays, and from 9am to 2pm on Thursdays. Additional services are available to
members after drop-in hours end (except on Thursdays). To become a member,
walk in and complete a risk reduction assessment with a Health Educator; Anyone
who has used illicit opioids, misused prescription opioids, and/or injected any
non-prescription substance within the past 12 months is eligible for Access

Friday Café at First Church
11 Garden Street;
New drop-in program open on Friday from 1 to 5pm, from
September to June
Boston GLASS Community Center
93 Massachusetts Avenue,
Boston; #1 bus from
, or
Drop-in for LGBTQ young people, aged 13 to 25. Open Monday, Tuesday,
Wednesday, and Thursday from 3 to 8pm; and Friday from 3 to 5pm (or earlier, by appointment). Has board games, TV, computers, library, kitchen; offers assistance with counseling, testing, referrals, housing/job search, GED, college/financial aid.

Transitional Housing Programs
Please note
: each transitional housing program has its own eligibility guidelines and
participation requirements. Please check with a specific program to find out more
information. See also shelters (see page 9) that have extended-stay beds, and residential
treatment programs listed under Addiction Services (see page 44).
arey Program at the YMCA
• 15 •
820 Massachusetts Avenue;
NOTE: The Carey program now accepts referrals only through Cambridge CAN

See page 6 for information on how to complete a C-CAN intake

6+ months’ sobriety
only. Call the phone number above for more
Umoja Program at Salvation Army
402 Massachusetts Avenue;
only. Contact Jack Marani at the phone number above for more
in substance abuse recovery with
6+ months’ sobriety
eading Home Transitional Program at the YWCA
7 Temple Street;
617-491-6050, extension 229
only. Contact the phone number above for more information.
Transition House’s Transitional Living Program
617-868-1650, extension 1002
women with or without young children who have experienced domestic
. Contact Ronit Barkai at the phone number above for more information.
Harvard Square Summer Shelter
66 Winthrop Street;
Program has
no gender restriction
and is located at the Harvard Square Homeless
Shelter, running from mid-June to mid-August. Call the phone number above, or
, for more information.
• 16 •
1323 Broadway,
; #
or #
bus, both from either
Transitional housing program for homeless youth aged 18 to 22, offering a range
of social, educational, and pre-vocational services.

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