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Organization: Volunteer Opportunities/Registry
Facility Type: Volunteer Camp
Status: Open

494 Broad Street Suite 103
Newark, NJ 07102

Region:East Coast

Main/General Business Number: 973-424-1091

Mission: Mission Statement: Jersey Cares increases civic engagement in New Jersey by coordinating volunteer opportunities to address community-identified needs.

Jersey Cares, a nonprofit organization, established in 1993, recruits and engages volunteers in rewarding, effective efforts that address community-identified needs. We partner with local nonprofits to identify needs and implement volunteer projects to meet these needs. We provide individuals, families, corporate employees and community groups with a wide variety of volunteer opportunities that range from tutoring children to painting new murals in schools.

Jersey Cares is an affiliate of the Hands on Network, an innovative alliance of volunteer catalysts throughout the world.

Volunteering with Jersey Cares is easy; once you have registered and logged in, choose from hundreds of opportunities in our Monthly Calendar Projects, participate in an Annual Event, run a Collection Drive or get your company involved in our Corporate Service Program.

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Jersey Cares is looking for volunteers to lead recovery projects. Click here to lead a Jersey Cares Sandy Relief project.

To volunteer for Sandy Relief projects, click here and type the word "disaster" into the keyword box:

If you would like to make a donation to Jersey Cares, please click here:

If you are a partner agency with Jersey Cares or a certified 501(c)3 and need supplies or volunteers due to the storm, please call our office at 973-424-1091 .

Click here if you are interested in donating items to shelters/agencies in your area:

If you are an individual who needs assistance please call 2-1-1.

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Created At: Sat Nov 17 15:12:25 -0700 2012
Updated At: Sat Nov 17 15:16:47 -0700 2012
Updated By: LTel

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