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Organization: Volunteer Opportunities/Registry
Facility Type: Volunteer Camp
Status: Open

Affiliate of HandsOn Network:
58 Hilton Avenue, Hempstead, NY 11550

Various, NY 00000

Region:East Coast

Main/General Business Number: 516.564.5482

Management Contact: (hidden)
Management Phone: (hidden)

Mission: Welcome to Long Island’s resource for volunteerism and community
service initiatives throughout Nassau and Suffolk counties.

Take some time to look through the site, search for opportunities
and consider sharing your time and talents with your community.
Invite your friends & family to join you!

Areas Served: Nassau & Suffolk County, Long Island, New York
Eligibility For Services: Impacted by Hurricane Sandy

This organization provides Temporary or Permanent Service? Temporary



Hurricane Sandy Update

An update on ongoing response and recovery efforts

The Long Island Volunteer Center, an affiliate of HandsOn
Network, is working closely with our local partner agencies
and national HandsOn Network to identify volunteer
opportunities in the communities impacted by Hurricane
Sandy to ensure a coordinated response.

As of November 8th, 2012, we have pre-registered 1,527
individuals and, based on specific requests from partner
agencies, have referred volunteers to support Red Cross
shelters, food rescue and food bank agencies such as
Island Harvest and Long Island Cares-The Harry Chapin
Food Bank, Salvation Army donation sites, and a faith-based
organization doing debris cleanups in an affected community.

Please understand that due to the number of people interested
in volunteering, as soon as an opportunity is identified, it is

We are working with national and local partners to identify
more opportunities in the midst of our current challenges,
including transportation issues, lack of fuel in the area,
identifying volunteer housing and massive power outages.
These challenges make it difficult to get teams out to assess
the need and scope projects. While we are working diligently,
please understand it may be a few days before we increase the
number of projects in the impacted area.

In the meantime, there are additional ways you can engage now:

Register your interest to volunteer. By registering with us,
you will receive up-to-date information, including when new
volunteer opportunities are posted.

Once you have registered, please log back in to update your
volunteer skills profile. This will help us reach out to
volunteers with specific skill sets once the online referral
process begins again.

Donate supplies and materials by clicking here to ensure
you are sending the MOST needed items

Host a local fundraiser and donate the proceeds by clicking here.

We request that you do NOT self-deploy to the region without
identifying an opportunity AND housing. Once volunteer housing
becomes available, we will update our website with the
information on how to book reservations.

Thank you. Each one of you can play an important role in the
recovery process, and there will be plenty of opportunities
in the days to come. We appreciate your thoughts, your
well-wishes and your expressions of support as our community
works hard to meet this unprecedented situation.

If you need to reach us, the best way is via email:
disastervolunteer @
Please recognize that we are receiving an incredible volume
of messages right now.

Those affected by the disaster should consider registering
themselves at the Red Cross Safe and Well website to let
loved ones know you are safe during this stressful time.
Safe and Well is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year,
and is accessible in both English and Spanish.

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Created At: Sat Nov 10 20:47:13 -0700 2012
Updated At: Sat Nov 10 21:00:19 -0700 2012
Updated By: LTel

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