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Organization: Faith-Based Disaster Recovery
Facility Type: Volunteer Camp
Status: Open

HQ: 3655 Wheeler Ave., Alexandria, VA
Tinton Falls, NJ 00000

Region:East Coast

Main/General Business Number: Toll Free: 1 (855) 447-1001

Mission: Islamic Relief USA™ (IRUSA™) was founded in California in 1993
as a 501 (c)(3) tax exempt charity involved in international
humanitarian relief efforts. IRUSA is a legally separate and
independent member of a global family of collaborating relief
organizations that share a common vision, mission, and family
identity, and all of which use the term “Islamic Relief” as
part of their organizational name.

Our mission: Islamic Relief USA strives to alleviate suffering,
hunger, illiteracy, and diseases worldwide regardless of color,
race, religion, or creed, and to provide aid in a compassionate
and dignified manner. Islamic Relief USA aims to provide rapid
relief in the event of human and natural disasters and to
establish sustainable local development projects allowing
communities to better help themselves.

Areas Served: Little Ferry and Moonachie, Hoboken and along the Jersey shore, from Belmar to Toms River in New Jersey
Eligibility For Services: Survivors impacted by Hurricane Sandy 2012

This organization provides Temporary or Permanent Service? Temporary



First and foremost, we are concerned about your safety and well being.
All of us at Islamic Relief USA pray that you and your loved ones are
safe and secure in the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy. Unfortunately, so
many of us have been affected by the devastation--that is why it is so
important that we stand unified in our comittment to rebuild.

As neighbors helping neighbors, we will get the job done!

Islamic Relief USA staff and volunteers, from our New Jersey office
and from around the country, helped at two shelters set up at Rutgers
University. Working closely with the Red Cross, FEMA, and other local
relief groups, we were able to register and assist some 600 evacuees.

Insha'Allah we will begin clean up efforts--with our partners Church of
Jesus Christ Latter-day-Saints--in these hard hit areas: Coney Island,
Staten Island, Little Ferry and Moonachie, Hoboken and along the Jersey
shore, from Belmar to Toms River.

To donate go to:

If you can volunteer, please connect with us to let us know:

1. Send an email with your name and contact information to:
2. Call us at: 973-774-3702

And, if you are volunteering, please bring shovels or any supplies
you may have--the more resources we have the better. And please share
this email, and encourage your friends or family to join these efforts

Together we will get through this.
Your family at Islamic Relief USA


IRUSA’s Disaster Assistance Response Team (DART) met with
members from the American Red Cross, the Federal Emergency
Management Agency (FEMA), VOAD and other relief workers
met on Oct. 27 to strategize about the most efficient
aid delivery methods in anticipation of the storm. The
DART team then mobilized to New Jersey, where the storm
was predicted to make landfall, to help with relief efforts.
IRUSA’s DART staff and volunteers provided shelter management
services and helped however else needed at two separate
hurricane shelters on the campus of Rutgers University
until the shelters closed on November 2. The team was able
to help more than 600 people.

Here are some of the specific ways IRUSA has been helping:

Providing situational reports
Providing support to the American Red Cross.
Providing cleaning services, dormitory patrol, child care,
front-desk support, answering phones, and setting up cots.
Distributing blankets, clothing, food to evacuees
Interviewing evacuees to assess needs

IRUSA, in collaboration with the Church of Jesus Christ of
Latter-day Saints, will also be helping with clean-up efforts
across New Jersey and New York, specifically in Coney Island,
Staten Island, Little Ferry and Moonachie, Hoboken and along
the Jersey shore, from Belmar to Toms River. Please see the
flier above if you’d like details about volunteering for these


From NVOAD notes:

Islamic Relief USA: DART arrived in New Jersey late Saturday
October 27, 2012. The DART localized its response to individuals
that live within the region. Islamic Relief USA has been in
conversation with the Disaster Response community; conference
calls have taken place with FEMA, American Red Cross and the
VOAD. DART has reached out to its local membership to assist
in this effort with the realization that this event may
require a long term deployment. The DART has formed a group
that will meet at the IR office at 3pm this afternoon. From
this location, the team plans to move to the Command Center
in Tinton Falls, New Jersey.



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