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Occupy Sandy (DONATION DROP SITES, VOLUNTEER Coordination, "Store" to buy donated tools", for Hurricane Sandy)

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, NY 00000



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To donate supplies/tools, go to their "store":

Occupy Sandy is a coordinated relief effort to help distribute resources & volunteers to help neighborhoods and people affected by Hurricane Sandy. We are a coalition of people & organizations who are dedicated to implementing aid and establishing hubs for neighborhood resource distribution. Members of this coalition are from Occupy Wall Street,, and The task of rebuilding communities is a marathon and not a sprint. We thank you for your donations and your support. The hubs we have set up so far are listed below and photos and volunteer updates are available on our facebook: To contact us with information that should be included on this hub, please email

To get regular updates by text message please text "occupysandy" to 23559.

Enter your email in the form on the left to receive news and updates about how you can help!

Financial Donations can be made to:

Volunteer to Help Out the Relief Effort:

To locate an Emergency Shelter, use this map which is updated regularly to reflect current status of the shelters in :!/disaster/hurricane-sandy

For anyone who needs assistance with food:

Citymeals is delivering shelf-stable meals to seniors. If you come across any senior housing, please contact Citymeals and make them aware. Email

Emergency food stamps: Call 718-557-1339. Many people may qualify for the Disaster-Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (D-SNAP).

To donate goods, here is a list of needs and where you can drop them off:

General Needs - All locations need these items
printer paper
baby items: diapers etc.
pet food

Drop-off Locations

36-10 Crescent St. 2nd floor.
Contact Pam: 718-208-7205

Chinatown (open Nov 1, 10am-5pm)
46 Hester St Frnt A
(212) 473-6485 - email provided, but best to just show up to help or bring supplies!

Specific Requests in Chinatown:
Water bottles
C, D, AA, AAA batteries (and one 9 volt battery)
Food (hot at lunch, non-perishable/bread/cookies)
Some bottles of Ensure (Glucerna shake) for the elderly, vitamins for the elderly
Generator (for shelter at 350 Grand St, Seward Park High School)

Rockaway and Far Rockaway
Location 1:
Firehouse on 59th street
across from the train station.
contact person: Jean Dupont 9179755623

Location 2:
Veggie Island
96th Street and Rockaway Blvd.

Location 3:
Store Front Community Center
B113 and Rockaway Beach Blvd

Specific Requests in Rockaway and Far Rockaway (starred ones are most urgent):
* Propane grille or camping style oven
* Plates, cups, forks, bowls, spoons, etc
* blankets, jackets, gloves, hats, anything to keep folks warm
* cleaning supplies - buckets, squeegies, mops, bleach
* masks, gloves for cleaning
* socks
* water
* tarps
* garbage bags
electric stove
gas stove
satellite phones
big paper, tape, markers
pens, paper, notepads
camping tables
gasoline containers
fire extinguishers
walkie talkies
i9 tablets

Fort Green/Clinton Hill
45 Waverly Avenue
just off of Park Ave in Fort Green/Clinton Hill
(Hours for Nov 1: 10am-6pm)

Red Hook
the red hook initiative
767 Hicks Street
Contact: Mariya (347) 770-1528 or just show up.
Requests as of now (will be updated on
already prepared food (including food for children)
power strips
toiletries (including toilet paper and paper towels)
utensils such as spoons and bowls
and jugs of water.

Park Slope
Park Slope Armory
361 15th St, Brooklyn

Sunset Park
St. Jacobi Church
5406 4th Ave
Contact: Ronnie 646-353-5194

Specific Requests in Sunset Park:
steamtable foil pans full or half size w lids
cleaning supplies
tin foil
saran wrap

Williamsburg (starting Nov 1, 10am)
306 Leonard St, apt J1 (btwn Conselyea and Metropolitan)
Contact: Jennifer (917) 586-4153

136 Jefferson Ave, apt 2 11216

East Billyburg (Beginning Thursday Nov 1 at 12 noon)
House of Yes
342 Maujer st
Contact: Kae Burke (525)217-7209

Location 1:
47 saint nicholas avenue #4d
btw 112 and 113

Location 2:
938 st Nicholas ave # 25 at corner of 157th and st Nicholas ave.

Lower East Side
The Bowery Mission
45-51 Ave D
contact: Claude Nelson or any "operations manager" on duty. they're open 24/7 and in need of prepared foods, a generator and anything else you can offer.

Specific Requests at Lower East Side:
Prepared Foods Pages

Occupy Wall Street & have teamed up with - a people-powered disaster relief platform - to help coordinate response to Hurricane Sandy in NYC. At we are launching support pages where people can GIVE help or post a NEED. Here is more information about this coalition.

We have started with the following Recovery pages, and more will be coming soon: - (646) 580-7473 - (347) 669-4394 - (347) 464-9269 - (347) 934-9927 - - @SIrecovers

Twitter Hashtags

The following hashtags are being used for tweets related to Sandy:


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