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Zafen (interest-free loans to Haitian entrepreneurs)

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Mission: from the New York Times:

Zafen provides interest-free loans to unbanked Haitian entrepreneurs. This charitable lending site accepts minimum loans of $25 and distributes them through the country’s largest microfinance institution Fonkoze. Zafen vets all entrepreneurs listed on the site to ensure that their businesses are financially viable, socially responsible, and ethical. The site provides the diaspora and other small scale philanthropists with a safe way to invest in the economic development of Haiti. Supporting entrepreneurs is crucial to the country’s development, argues Carine Roenen, Director of Fonkoze. Lending to entrepreneurs has a multiplying effect as each loan can be reinvested in another business. It’s also sustainable. “You allow an entrepreneur to create a job, grow a business, establish a relationship for years and years to come,” she says.

Support medical treatments for people in need through this crowdfunding site. Founder Chase Adam launched the platform while serving in the Peace Corps, under the principle that healthcare should be a basic human right. The goal is to raise funds for people with treatable illnesses who can’t afford basic medical care. Donations start at $5 and are capped at the cost of the treatment. Once you’ve donated, you receive updates on the patient you’ve funded. Watsi ensures transparency and accountability for the funds and retains no part of the donation.

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