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AidMatrix Donations/Volunteer Portal

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FEMA, the Aidmatrix Foundation and Corporate Sponsors have partnered to launch a virtual portal to allow companies or individuals to offer their support on-line to leading organizations in humanitarian relief. This portal is designed to make it as easy to offer financial support, product donations, or to donate your skills and time to nonprofit organizations active in disaster relief. Please select below if you would like to extend your support to national nonprofits or to a specific state and their nonprofit partners.

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This is an "approved" government portal to aid corporations and/or individuals to donate to government sanctioned supply chains.

Note that while everyone tries to do their best, these chains don't always reach the most needy sites. Please use your discretion when choosing a supply chain to support.

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Created At: Tue Sep 04 02:45:07 -0700 2012
Updated At: Tue Sep 04 02:45:07 -0700 2012
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