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This is an indexed list of sites that are distributing and
collecting food for displaced pets, pet supplies, Hay for
Livestock and Horses, and Horse Feed.

Please call ahead when you can to check the most current
needs and collection deadlines as that can change from
hour to hour and day to day in disaster.

This list will be edited and updated in real time to the
best of our ability.


Hay and feed donations are being sought in Creek County. Feed
for cattle and horses is particularly needed, but other livestock
feed will be accepted. A donation site has been established at
the Creek County Fairgrounds, 17808 W State Highway 66, in
Kellyville. Those wanting to donate or in need should call
Sherman Grubb at (918)224-2194.


Sand Springs FFA in conjunction with other Tulsa Area FFA Chapters
and Creek County Extension are collecting livestock feed. There is
a collection trailer at Charles Page High School. All donation will
go to the Creek County Extension.

Charles Paige High School
500 North Adams Road Sand Springs, OK 74063

(deadline for collection unknown)




Dozens of homes destroyed and many more in the line of fire.

Our neighboring Creek County is experiencing tragic fires
which have destroyed dozens of homes and structures. Many
pets are displaced and will need our help. The families
want their pets but need them to be in a safe place until
they can make a plan for their future.

Please help us if you can foster a dog or cat for a few
days, or provide emergency food or supplies. Crates,
carriers, dog beds, toys, treats, anything that can be
used for this effort is appreciated and urgently needed.

Donations can be brought or sent to:

Oklahoma Alliance for Animals/Emergency Fire Relief
1822 East 15th Street, Suite B, Tulsa, OK 74105
For more information on fostering please call


‎**DUNCAN/CHICKASHA/LAWTON** Seeking farmers/ranchers in
the Duncan/Chickasha/Lawton areas willing to donate hay
bails to the fire survivors in NE Oklahoma. My father
will happy make weekly trips down there and can haul
up to 5-6 bails at a time. Please contact Tanya at:
918-671-0123. Thanks!


New Hours and Items Needed for Noble Relief Center
Thursday, August 9, 2012 at 7:10am

The following is an update from the Noble Relief Center:

We definitely need volunteers. Volunteers are needed to sort
through the many bags of donations we have received. We will
fill the immediate needs at The Center and then distribute
them to other charities. The Center is at capacity for most
clothes and household items. We do not have the resources to
distribute or store donations at this time.

New underwear, pull-ups, school supplies, work boots, fire
retardant clothing, new bras (32 H size especially,) HAY FOR
HORSES, new makeup and beauty supplies are still needed.
We will also need runners for between the store and the
command center.

If you all know of any volunteers or wonderful donors who
can provide these items, please pass on the message. For more
information, call the center 405-308-1734. - Kathy Holsonbake


(VERIFIED by LTel 8/16/12 - Spoke to owner)
Horse Feed (any type) donations can be dropped off at:

Freddies Steak House
68 Industrial Drive, Mannford, OK
(918) 865-9971

Days Open: Tues. - Sun.

There is a trailer parked in their parking lot. The lady in charge
of the donations that is delivering to families in need, or arranging
for those who need to pick up will be called when you arrived to bring
the key to the trailer.


The Oklahoma City Animal Welfare Division has an active Pet Food
Bank. They distribute pet food for free to owners needing help.
They also have some hay available right now for owners who were
burned out and need temperature assistance. Yesterday morning
they sent 200 bales of hay to Creek County Cooperative Extension
for horses and livestock affected by wildfires in that county.
Today they sent 120 bales of hay to Norman for some horses affected
by the fires there. They still have some hay left for Luther and
other OKC area owners. If you know someone whose horses or
livestock were affected and they need food, have them contact:
catherine.english @


The TSPCA is now giving out supplies and food for animals
displaced by the wildfires at:

Olive First Baptist Church
S. 433rd W. Ave.
(near W. 91st St. S.)
Drumright, OK


(Cushing, Okla.) For those who just don't know where to turn,
LoveINC is not only there to hold their hand, but help them with
resources. LoveINC is located at 203 W. Moses and is now open
9 a.m. to 4 p.m. each day to help fire victims. "We will be
doing so as long as we need to," a spokesperson said.

LoveINC has fire victim forms and items to help them out "at
least for a couple of days." Toiletries, clothing, DOG FOOD,
food and gas are just some of the ways they can help.

For more information call LoveINC at 918-225-1125

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