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Facility Type: Animal Shelter
Status: Open

, CO 00000

Region:Pikes Peak
County/Parish:El Paso

This organization provides Temporary or Permanent Service? Temporary


(OPENED 6/26/12)
Ymca Southeast Family Center And Armed Services Ymca
2190 Jet Wing Dr
Colorado Springs ,CO 80916

Shelter Capacity : 409
Current Residents : 15
Accepting: Kenneled Pets


3650 No. Nevada Avenue, Colorado Springs, CO


NORRIS PENROSE UPDATE (via Facebook 6/25/12): Due to closure of 24,
some folks can't get to us with their horses- if you need a place
for your horses please call Heather 719-839-9005 and she has space
for horses, livestock etc- she is 6 miles from Fairplay


Teller County Fairgrounds
501 W. Golden (CR 1), Cripple Creek
Accepting Horses


~Rocky Mountain Healthcare Services is opening up their building for
people who need a place to stay with their pets. Call 719-641-2747
and ask for Julie.


~Pikes Peak Humane Society is still accepting a limited amount of
dogs evacuated by the fire. However, they are at capacity with
evacuated cats. The Humane Society is working to find additional
emergency sheltering. They ask that you consider monetary donations
at They are still in need of animal kennel donations.
They could also use bottled water for staff and volunteers.

NOTE: Drop animals off at the Humane Society through the surgical
center entrance on the W. side of the building. They will take
animals up to 9 pm but you can reach dispatch after hours if you
need help by calling: 719-473-1741


Rampart Kennels @ 5977 Templeton Gap Road will be accepting all
vaccinated dogs and cats affected by the fire for free board
through Thursday possibly longer pending fire developments. The
number business numbers are 719-591-0047 and 719-591-0066.
Contacts are Pam and Nate DeTurk


All Breed Rescue & Training is taking in animals to help evacuees
affected by the Waldo Canyon Fires.

UPDATE FROM WEBSITE: Sunday, June 24th, 6:30pm
If you have been evacuted and need our help with your animals
please call us at: 719-264-6460 (or HSPPR at: 719-473-1741).
If you must evacuate your home with your animals, please be sure

-Keep identification including collar, ID tag and pet license on dogs
and cats at all times.
-Bring plenty of food, water, and medications for your animals.
-If you have caged pets, bring their cage (or at least a carrier)
with you.
-Keep your pet contained on a leash or in a cage at all times so
as to avoid them getting scared and running away.
-ABRT has currently taken into it's facility 38 dogs and 15 cats.

Phone: 719-264-6460
Address: 20 Mount View Lane, Suites B & C Colorado Springs, CO 80907


City of Colorado Springs CART (Community Animal Response Team)
Shelter - 1200 Cresta, Colorado Springs, CO (719) 444-7918,

Dogs, cats, and small caged pets. Drop off at Cheyenne Mountain
High School next to the Red Cross Shelter. Drop off and resources
available 24/7, shelter is staffed 24/7 with CART personnel.
Shelter, Food, water, limited veterinary care, carriers, shade,
and air-conditioning!

Capacity: 50 animals

Cheyenne Mountain High School:
1775 LaClede St., Colorado Springs, CO 80905


Ferret Rescue - Gerri Himberger: 719-599-8047


North Academy Veterinary Hospital
Located at N. Academy & Vickers. Accommodating dogs and
(719) 599-4443
Capacity: 10-12 animals


Sunrise Kennel
(719) 661-7036
Dogs and small animals.
Capacity: 15 – 20


Cheyenne Mountain Animal Hospital
(719) 433-3840
Dogs and cats
Capacity: 5 large dogs, and 12 small dogs or cats
A Cut Above Pet Grooming
(719) 630-7387


Dublin Animal Hospital
Marcus Roeder (719) 338-8935
Dogs and Cats
Capacity: 7 dogs, and more cats

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