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Daphneyland (Basset Hound Rescue)

Facility Type: Animal Shelter
Status: Open

6221 Shannon Valley Road
Acton, CA 93510

County/Parish:Los Angeles

Main/General Business Number: 661-269-2682

Management Contact: (hidden)
Management Phone: (hidden)

Mission: Basset Rescue Network was founded in 2005 by Carol Ashley & Dawn Smith.

We are a group of non paid volunteers who have come together to encompass the rescue of basset hounds, provide rehabilitation in the form of proper nutrition, supplemental care, veterinary care and behavioral modification in order to properly socialize in a pack environment.

Promoting educational programs of nutritional awareness, spay and neuter of all animals to decrease the number of canines being euthanized in our local animal shelters, companion animal care instruction and training, youth leadership programs and community involvement through awareness campaigns, adoption events and our military and family crisis programs.

Our organization's focus is placed on the hound that is not perfect, the basset or mix thereof which requires the extra special care that rehabilitation and socialization can provide.

Intake of canines in our program originate in a variety of sources animal shelters, abandoned at veterinarian offices, boarding facilities, strays, abused, abandoned, neglected, owners who can no longer care for them, or by working with entities during large animal busts and facilitating the intake of these canines prior to exposure and high stress in a shelter.

Our goal is to find a loving home for every canine we intake, if a home is not found, we pledge quality of life living within our program.

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Who We Are

Our organization is comprised of volunteers from all walks of life, who donate their time, talents, labor and money to assist in saving the lives of Basset Hounds.

As a non-profit organization, we focus on the purebred basset hound who may end up in animal shelters, humane societies, or may be the victim of animal abuse, neglect, perhaps the basset hound was just unwanted, a situation beyond the control of an owner may land a basset hound in a "rescue" - or just being misunderstood.

Each hound has their own story and our volunteers pick hounds up from shelters and transport them to our rehabilitation center, to the vets, help socialize, care for them, feed them, groom them, work with them on leash training, house training, etc.

We know basset hounds, it's as simple and as complex as that statement. Being a dwarf breed, with the heaviest bone density of canines, the basset is not for everyone.

Those of us who volunteer in basset rescue do so, because we can help the hounds we come in contact with, help them recover from health issues, homelessness and behavioral problems.

Once a hound is rehabilitated and properly socialized, we also know how to find people seeking a basset hound, and help them integrate them into their homes.




What We Need

The following items are needed to help the hounds and stretch the donated dollar.
- Kirkland (Costco) Dog Biscuits (one box per day)
- Bleach ( 3 gallons per day)
- Paper towels
- Toilet paper
- Fragrance free laundry detergent (one large container per week)
- 33-gallon drawstring trash bags
- Honey
- Canned chicken breast
- Long grain white rice
- Canned green beans
- Simple Green
- Leashes
- Dish soap
- Liquid hand soap
- Vitamin C
- Cranberry Capsules
- 2% or less Saline solution
- Rubbing alcohol
- Gentian Violet
- Boric Acid

Have a small, fuel efficient car you are thinking of replacing? Would you consider donating it?

Free Standing Kennel Runs - our new yards have been used several times this year. GEBR intake of 13 hounds before the 4th of July - Would you consider sponsoring emergency good weather runs for these yards? Several times we have had to do intakes of multiple dogs, and during good weather, these runs would be invaluable. Cost $6,000.

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