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York Rescue Mission

Organization: Faith-Based, Non-Profit
Facility Type: Shelter
Status: Open

P.O. Box 1968
363-373 West Market St

York, PA 17405


Main/General Business Number: 717-845-7662

Mission: from website:

Welcome to the York Rescue Mission

The YRM is a non-profit religious organization that has been in existence for over forty-nine years.

We began with the objective to offer food, clothing, shelter and spiritual guidance for the poor and needy of York County. Since 1962, developing this vision has continued.

Our goal is Service above Self and to be Christ-like; inviting men, women and children to accept the Savior whom God sent into the world (John 3:16). We meet the basic human needs of the many we serve, as well as equip, train, nurture and guide them toward a better quality of life.

Poverty and despair are at an all time high in our community! In 2010 we served 161,137 total meals and provided overnight shelter for 7,048 needy men, women and children. The YRM is committed to being an important part of the solution.

Please browse our site to learn more about us and the many different ministries that we offer. We pray that you will consider becoming a part of this vital outreach.

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Oct 23rd - December 17, 2011
see details at:
Includes Drop-off Collection Points


* Women's Ministry
* Men's Ministry
* Lighthouse Youth Center Ministry

Economy Stores

The Economy Stores are simply stores that people donate their unneeded possessions, like clothes and furniture. We then offer these goods to the public free through a voucher program or to shoppers at Economy Store prices.

The YRM Economy Stores are an important link between the community and the poor of York County. Acceptable donations that are picked up or dropped off go to our Economy stores where they are sorted and then prepared for sale in our York, Dover or Dallastown Stores. All proceeds from sales go into the operation of the Mission, (i.e. our men and women's program, our youth center, overhead, maintenance, utilities, personnel, etc.)

Your gifts are of VITAL IMPORTANCE to us! Please, won't you go through your clothing, household items and other things and see what you no longer use? For a list of Giving Guidelines go to:

Call us at (717) 845-7662 with an account of items. We will be GLAD to pick up your donations.


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