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Record Details: - 2011 TX Wildfires (VOLUNTEER COORDINATION)

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Mission: from the website:

In the midst of one of the most devastating wildfire seasons in Texas history, the state has deployed resources across the state to fight fires and assist those displaced by the flames. Since the beginning of wildfire season, local and state firefighters have responded to more than 20,000 fires that have destroyed more than 1,000 homes and burned more than 3.6 million acres. Nonprofits are also responding in communities across Texas to help support our neighbors as they recover and rebuild.

Please sign up with if you are an individual or organization that would like to stay connected to the latest information about how you can support volunteer efforts related to the Wildfire Disaster.

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People can enter personal information into an online database that appears to be used by the government to manage volunteers. The site does not provide any privacy policies or info about the group that runs the site. But we did find it linked to the Texas government site:

Not sure if the state's privacy policies apply, or if the personal info is shared with fundraisers.

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