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211 Vermont

Organization: United Way
Facility Type: Info/Hotline
Status: Open

, VT 00000


Main/General Business Number: 211

This organization provides Temporary or Permanent Service? Temporary


Call 211 for assistance

All Vermont residents that have experienced damage as a result of Hurricane Irene are being asked to report it through 211. It is VITAL that damage gets reported no matter how minor or major as it makes an impact on federal funding and long term recovery funding availability.


Volunteer Call Taker

Are you the kind of person that feels a strong need to help your community when help is needed most? If so, becoming a Vermont 2-1-1 Volunteer Call Taker may be for you.

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Created At: Tue Aug 30 05:17:24 -0700 2011
Updated At: Thu Sep 01 06:14:43 -0700 2011
Updated By: LTel

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