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Episcopal Diocese of Alabama

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521 20th St. N.
Birmingham, AL 35203


Main/General Business Number: 205 715-2060
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Mission: Saturday afternoon, April 30, 2011, a 10 member team of volunteers with the Episcopal Diocese of Alabama headed south from Birmingham, AL, in a five vehicle caravan laden with relief supplies. Their destination was Sawyerville, a small, oft-forgotten, rural community in Hale County AL, hit by last week's deadly tornadoes.
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Partnership with HERO - Hale Empowerment & Revitalization Organization Inc.

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From Sawyerville Camp Website:
Relief Plan for Friends of Sawyerville

The Facts: 5 people & 42 homes lost, 17 homes uninhabitable, dozens damaged

The Episcopal Diocese of Alabama is committed to helping Sawyerville recover and rebuild now and in the coming months/years

How can people help?

Short term Assistance:

At this point, the local relief station is full on physical donations. If you have furniture or clothing you'd like to donate, please email Leslie Manning .
The Diocese will receive weekly updates from Marilyn Pickens, a resident of Sawyerville who is also on the Sawyerville Day Camp Commission, letting the Diocese know what Sawyerville currently “needs”. This list will include things that the Fire Department/Armory has run out of or is running low on. The local volunteer organizations would like to use the Fire Department as well as the Greensboro Armory as a way to help families who have been displaced. They will set up both facilities as “shops” for families to come and get items they need as they begin to run out. Leslie Manning and other volunteers will get the word out to diocesan Episcopal churches and volunteers and let them know as needs arise.
Financial Donations can be made through the Diocese (

Click on make an electronic donation on the homepage and in the comments section type “Sawyerville Relief Efforts”. Checks can be made out to the Episcopal Diocese of Alabama attn: Sawyerville Tornado Relief & sent to the Diocesan office (521 20th Street North Birmingham 35203)

Monetary donations will be distributed to local non-profit organizations (in particular but not limited to, Hale County Enrichment Society & HERO) that are trying to get $100-$300 in each displaced family’s hands to help them get by until FEMA and other federal assistance is provided (approximately 10-20 days from now).
Many families have relatives in the hospital after the storms, some as far as Selma or Tuscaloosa.
Wal-Mart gift cards and gift cards to gas stations can also be mailed directly to HERO (HERO | Hale Empowerment & Revitalization Organization Inc. | 1120 Main Street Greensboro, AL 36744 | P: 334-624-0842 )
Adult Volunteer Groups: are needed for pastoral care, trash pick up, to help go through debris as well as items found after the storm and continue to clean up the area. If you are interested in going, please contact Pam Dorr with HERO,
Youth Groups: At this point, it is not safe for them work directly with the homes that were destroyed so for now groups can come down and sort donations at the Greensboro Armory. If you’d like to bring a group down, please coordinate that with Pam Dorr at HERO as well,
Volunteer groups are also needed to provide hot meals for volunteers and those that have been displaced. For more info contact Marilyn Pickens, or 334-624-6785

Long Term Assistance:

HERO (Hale Empowerment and Revitalization Organization, Inc) is trying to pair displaced Sawyerville families with people from around the state that would like to shepherd them through the rebuilding process and act as a friend and support system during this difficult time. This does NOT NECESSARILY require any financial commitment.

If a family or a group of families (or for example a Cursillo Reunion group or Bible Study Small Group) wants to partner with a Sawyerville family, then you would help see them through the next few months (and hopefully an even longer lasting friendship will begin!). You would help this family clean up their property after the storm, furnish and set up their temporary housing and also help them get settled in their permanent housing. You would also act as a liaison between that family and any outside groups that could support them!
Emotional support would be just as important as any physical support or even financial support (if any is necessary).

If you’re interested in doing this, contact Leslie Manning,
Support the Sawyerville Day Camp! The camp has been in the community for 18 years and will continue to be a source of friendship, joy, love and support for the Sawyerville community. Now, more than ever, the kids need our time and energy!

Relief Plan Wish List:

*Volunteers to be a part of the ‘Sawyerville Relief Team’…both local Sawyerville/Greensboro residents as well as members of the Diocese that could help see this plan through and modify it as necessary.

* Someone to keep the Sawyerville website up to date with needs and information

* A volunteer (that could be a part of this team) that would be willing to keep a spreadsheet or database of current needs and what churches and other groups are currently doing to support the Sawyerville relief effort

From Website:
As response to the tornadoes that devastated many areas in Alabama shifts to the long-term recovery phase this summer, the Episcopal Diocese of Alabama will begin hosting teams of volunteers from around the country.

To help facilitate visiting teams the diocese has appointed a David Whetstone as Coordinator for Volunteer Groups.

Groups from outside the diocese wishing to send volunteer teams this summer should contact David Whetstone at, or 256-282-9769.

Additional information and applications forms are available online at:

Parishes within the Diocese of Alabama wishing to host visiting teams this summer by providing food and/or lodging are asked to contact David Whetstone

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VOAD Dir./ Website
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