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Brethren Disaster Ministries - 2010 TN Flood

Organization: Faith-Based Disaster Recovery
Facility Type: Volunteer Camp
Status: Open

Grand View Lodge
1158 Ranch Road

Ashland City, TN 37015


Main/General Business Number: 410-596-3427; 410-596-7271; 410-259-1900, house

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Email: bdmashlandcity @

Disaster Project Leaders:

May: Alan and Denise Oneal; Jim and Lois Kime
June: Jerry and Cathy Moore; Eddie & Becky Motley
July: Charles and Sigrid Horner
August: Eddie & Becky Motley
October: Ken Kline
November: Lindy and Lois Frantz; Larry Ditmars
Nov 26-Dec18: Cliff & Arlene Kindy

General Directions: Ashland City is located about 13 miles northwest of Nashville on Route 12. To get to the Grand View Lodge, proceed west on Route 12 (N. Main St.) through the Ashland City center and continue 10.6 miles. Turn left onto Ranch Rd. and proceed three-quarter mile. 1158 Ranch Rd. is on the right.

From the North: Proceeding south on I-24 from Kentucky, take TN exit 11 to TN 76 West (Adams/Clarksville) towards Clarksville. Proceed 4.2 miles and turn south (left) on Route 12. Proceed approx. 11.4 miles to Ranch Rd. Turn west (right) and proceed three-quarter mile.

Volunteer Work Assignments:

Ashland City, Tennessee Flood Recovery, continued

Rebuilding homes - current projects - Ashland City, Tennessee
Tennessee Flood Recovery
2010 Nashville flood aerial view. Photo by David Fine/FEMA
Aerial view of the 2010 Nashville flood. Photo by David Fine/FEMA

Three days of heavy rain starting on May 1, 2010 dropped as much as 20 inches of water on Tennessee, causing severe flooding in the western half of the state from Nashville to Memphis and completely submerging many homes.

Brethren Disaster Ministries has set up a repair and rebuilding project based in Ashland City, located outside Nashville in Cheatham County. In this area, 578 households are in need of assistance, including 41 homes destroyed and 76 in need of major repair.

The volunteer house is known as “Grand View Lodge” and is located at 1158 Ranch Road, Ashland City, TN 37015. BDM will accept groups of up to 15 weekly volunteers. The house has about 6 bedrooms, with the men’s quarters in the lower level and women’s quarters on the first floor. Volunteers should be advised that they may need to go up and down steps. Volunteers may be asked to sleep on a top bunk, but many volunteers will have an entire bunk set to themselves depending upon group size and makeup. Volunteers should plan to bring their own bedding, towels, and toiletries, etc.

See photos of volunteer house.

Meals are prepared in a fully equipped kitchen and shared in the dining area. There is ample room for fellowship and meals. Please note that volunteer groups are asked to include an assistant cook.

BDM volunteers will be doing repair work and some possible new construction. Major repair work includes insulation, drywall, laminate flooring, painting, trim work, siding, etc.
Travel to project site

Volunteers who opt to fly will need to arrange their own transportation from the airport to the project site and back. The Nashville airport is 42 miles from the volunteer house in Ashland City.

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