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Macon, South Georgia United Methodist Church (UMC) (ERT teams/Volunteers/Chainsaws Available)

Organization: Georgia Tornado Relief Resource Directory
Facility Type: Volunteer Camp
Status: Open

1022 Lite-N-Tie Rd
, GA 31211


Other Contacts:(hidden)

Contact Name:Jamie Gibson

This organization provides Temporary or Permanent Service? Temporary


Have volunteers to help with recovery, cleanup/debris. Some trained, some not. ERT and other. Access to chainsaws and trucks. No heavy equipment.

This group does training for volunteers that want to help.

5/3/11: work crews in Griffin and Forsyth.

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Created At: Wed May 04 23:08:24 -0700 2011
Updated At: Thu May 05 02:26:34 -0700 2011
Updated By: tfri

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