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Turkey Creek Community Initiatives

Organization: Non-Profit
Facility Type: Volunteer Camp
Status: Open

14439 Rippy Rd
Gulfport, MS 39503

Region:Gulf Coast

Capacity: 70
Workers at Facility: 8

Main/General Business Number: (540) 449-3618
Main/General Business E-mail Address: (hidden)

Management Contact: (hidden)
Other Contacts:(hidden)
Make Checks Payable To: TCCI



Due to Hurricane Katrina’s devastating landfall on August
29, 2005, TCCI's recent activities have included hurricane
relief as well as ongoing efforts related to cultural and
environmental conservation, restoration, education and
community planning. In addition to distributing over
$20,000 of relief to residents of the Turkey Creek basin
and nearby communities, TCCI is working to protect our
watershed's cultural, environmental and housing resources
from additional harm during the redevelop-ment process.
Like nothing else before it, Hurricane Katrina has dramatized
and heightened the need for such work across the gulf coast.
Emboldened rather than redirected, TCCI's mission and goals
for comprehensive revitalization remain steadfast - with
resource stewardship and community values at the core.

TCCI has recently completed constructing a temporary camp
facility to accommodate volunteers (groups or individuals)
interested in helping in the Turkey Creek-North Gulfport
area. Most of the many thousands of volunteers who have
aided gulf coast communities since Katrina have slept
(and worked) where facilities have been available to house
them. This has left North Gulfport comparatively unassisted,
even though it has long been the City of Gulfport's most
disinvested and marginalized community.

Established in partnership with Harrison County and volunteers
from Virginia Tech, the newly finished camp includes two
35-person sea-huts, six outdoor showers, two bathrooms, a
kitchen facility, and even wi-fi access. Please contact TCCI's
Administrator, Alex Mercedes at (228)863-0099 or email her at:

Get Involved:
Whether you live in the Turkey Creek community/watershed, or
across the globe, TCCI is always in need of volunteers. We are
currently looking for volunteers to assist with:

Cleaning and repairing neighborhood homes
Preservation of historic structures and sites
Restoring and enhancing environmental resources
Donating materials for repairs and restoration
Conducting historical or environmental research
Fundraising/Grantwriting for projects
Volunteer Coordination
Kitchen Cook (For Volunteer Camp)
Spreading the word

To learn how you can help email:

Info Source/Changes:
2/9/07: Michelle was unable to get in touch with Mr. Cengiz over phone left message also email waiting for response
3/29/07: Spoke at length with Alex Mercedes updating needs/avails, community needs, current staffing - We will touch base again to get her write access and assist with navigation to use the database
Added email/street address per email from Alex Mercedes
Added avail for Americorp
(see full history)

Created At: Sun Sep 10 05:39:17 -0700 2006
Updated At: Wed Jul 18 03:02:36 -0700 2007
Updated By: DNug

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