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Alabama Baptist Convention (State Board of Missions)

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2001 East South Boulevard
P.O. Box 11870
Montgomery, AL 36111


Main/General Business Number: 1-800-264-1225
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The Alabama Baptist State Board of Missions is one of the three mission boards, including the North American Mission Board and International Mission Board, supported by Alabama Baptists' gifts through the Cooperative Program.

We have One Mission - The Great Commission, One Program - The Cooperative Program and Many Ministries - Great Commission Ministries.

Core Values:
• Biblical Truth
• A Personal Relationship with God in Christ
• The Local Church
• Cooperation in Mission Endeavors
• Servant Leadership

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Link to donation page:


From the site:

How you can help:

• Pray!
Pray for victims, volunteers and other emergency response personnel.

• Give!
We need financial resources to assist both churches and victims.

Donate financially to relief effort:

Send checks to the State Board of Missions; 2001 E. South Blvd; Montgomery, Alabama 36116. Earmark the check for Alabama Tornado Relief, or give online via credit card.

100% of funds marked for Alabama Tornado Relief will be used for assisting victims and churches.

Donate goods to the relief effort:

Immediate needs include bottled water; sports drinks; snacks; power bars; blankets; coolers. No clothing can be handled at this time. The following churches have agreed to collect and distribute these items:

- Northpark Baptist; 5700 Deerfoot Parkway; Trussville, AL 35173 (205-908-7985)
- First Baptist Church, Russellville; 213 N Jackson Ave; Russellville, AL; 35653 (256-332-2065)

Please call them before you deliver.

Let us know if you would consider offering your church as a drop site. Call the phone bank, 334-280-7297, at the hours listed above if you are interested. Thanks for your prayers and support.

April 28, 2011 :: 3:15 p.m.

"A donation will help us deploy our feeding units, which can feed 60,000 meals a day..." Read this article from The Montgomery Advertiser about how Alabama Baptists and others can help the relief effort by giving financially.

April 28, 2011 :: 9:00 a.m.

The following conferences are cancelled due to the storms. Our focus is on safety and ministering to those that were affected by the storms.

• CWE Leadership Training --- April 29-30
• 2011 State Bible Drill and Speakers Tournament --- April 30
• Senior Adult Evangelism Conference --- May 2
• Get Acquainted Day --- May 3
• Associational Leadership Conference --- May 5-6

April 27, 2011 :: 3:45 p.m.

Here are the latest reports of damage that have come in to the State Board of Missions:

• Limestone Association - Damage to houses and school in East Limestone. Some damage and trees down at the association camp. 35,500 without power.
• Morgan Association - Some light structural damage. A reported tornado has touched down, however we haven’t heard of any major damage
• Madison Association - Trees are down and a significant power outage since morning. Tornadoes are still in area.

April 27, 2011 :: 3:00 p.m.

Updates on conditions across the state continue to be reported to the State Board of Missions by Disaster Relief assessment teams.

Here are the latest reports that we have received:

• New Harmony Baptist Church (Empire, AL) in Sulphur Springs Association had damage to its' Education building. Church members helping now and a North Jefferson Association team will assist them tomorrow.
• Cahaba Heights will have the Birmingham Disaster Relief Team #1 going in to help in cleanup.
• Bessemer Association Disaster Relief team is in Vance assessing the damage done there.
• Shades Mountain community was also heavily damaged. Weather is bad in Birmingham now so crews will assess and write up job orders tomorrow if needed.
• Tuscaloosa Association and Pleasant Grove Association DOMs have been contacted to see if any reports have come in. There were some homes damaged. No churches at this point reported.
• Colbert-Lauderdale Association - Cutting trees now. A lot of wind damage and some roof damage. However, we don’t know of any very major damage and haven’t heard of any injuries.
• Franklin Association - Some flooding in Russellville and some light wind damage.
• Muscle Shoals Association - Trees down and strong wind in the area. Don’t know of any major damage
• Marion Association - Only minor so far; some wind damage.

Please continue to pray for victims of this storm and volunteers assisting in the cleanup and recovery.

April 27, 2011 :: 2:00 p.m.

There are now 5 confirmed deaths due to this first wave so far.
The State Rapid Response Assessment Team out of Wetumpka will be leaving tomorrow for Guntersville. Second wave of storms yet to come is the reason for leaving tomorrow.

Damage Reports From Across The State:

• Marshall Associations – South Sauty and Langston hit extremely hard. Tennessee River Associations is on its way to help. Limestone Associations is in route to help as well.
• Cullman Associations - East Cullman is responding to Holly Pond area now. West Cullman has reported need in Hanceville so teams will be deployed there tomorrow. Madison Association has been called up to respond to Cullman area as well.
• Calhoun teams 1 and 2 are working in the Ohatchee community.
• St. Clair (Moody area) is being assessed by their own assessment team. North Shelby Disaster Relief team will work in the St. Clair Association tomorrow.
• Cleburne Disaster Relief team will respond tomorrow to either St. Clair or Marshall Associations.
• District 12 teams have been put on alert for possible placement Thursday
• Still waiting on updates on Cahaba Valley, Haden and Warrior, Jasper, and Tuscaloosa areas.

Continue to pray for these areas affected and for those who will be ministering to those who survived this tragedy.

April 27, 2011 :: 11:30 a.m.

Initial damage reports are pouring in from across the state as the first band of storms entered Alabama early this morning. Our disaster relief volunteers are in constant contact with Directors of Missions (DOM) to determine, as much as possible, the extent of damage. We will update this post as additional details become available. Please pray for all impacted by this storm - especially since a large part of the southeast is involved. If you would like to offer financial assistance to storm victims, you can either send a check to the State Board of Missions, P.O. Box 11870, Montgomery, AL 36111-0870 earmarked for disaster relief. Or, use a credit card by clicking the Donate button above. As with all disaster relief gifts, 100 percent of those gifts are used to assist churches and victims.

Damage Reported to the State Board of Missions:

• Damage in Coaling near Tuscaloosa with houses destroyed
• Large numbers of trees down in the Mercedes Plant area
• 257,000 houses without power
• Cahaba Heights in Birmingham has damage
• Walker County with trees down
• Cordova hit very hard and roads cannot be navigated. No power or cell service
• 140 mobile homes destroyed or damaged in Moody (currently looking for injuries)
• Hanceville requesting regional help from homeland security
• Cahaba Heights described as war zone
• East Cullman team assessing Holly Pond area hit
• St. Clair DOM Ben Chandler reports that churches in Moody, Pell City, Ragland and Riverside are damaged in his association.
• West Cullman DOM Jack Collins reports that damage has been reported in Hanceville and Guntersville.

2011 TORNADOs -

The tornadoes that ripped through Alabama and other parts of the Southeast on April 27 have left hundreds dead and hundreds of thousands without power. Alabama Baptist and other Southern Baptist Disaster Relief Volunteers were among the first responders and will remain at work in the affected areas until the job is finished. Below you will find reports of the latest work completed by these volunteers. Check this page regularly for updates.

The Baptist Building in Montgomery is the Disaster Relief Incident Command Center. Please call the command center with any specific questions. The direct number to the phone bank is 334-280-7297. You can call 800-264-1225 or 334-288-2460 (Ext. 297) for both and reach the phone bank. Hours of operation are Monday-Saturday from 7:30 am - 4:30 pm. Sunday hours will be 1:00 pm – 4:30 pm.

Mel Johnson, Alabama's state disaster relief coordinator, and Mickey Caison, NAMB's adult volunteer mobilization team leader, are continuing statewide damage assessment today.

feeding teams
The Florida Baptist mobile kitchen is being set up at FBC Double Springs and will begin feeding the surrounding area on Sunday for as long as needed. Florida Baptist teams will be doing clean up and recovery work in the Walker County/Cullman area.

A team from Mississippi will be doing clean up and recovery in the Russellville/Hackleburg area beginning Sunday.

The South Carolina team will be set up at FBC Huntsville to begin feeding and clean up/recovery efforts in that area. A chainsaw team from Michigan, Alabama's mission partnership state, will assist South Carolina in that area.

Louisiana volunteers are onsite doing clean up/recovery in the Rainsville area

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