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Emergency Volunteer Corps of Nehalem Bay (EVC)

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EVC — Promoting a Culture of Preparedness
The Emergency Volunteer Corps of Nehalem Bay is a deeply committed core of like-minded volunteers that have forged a remarkable private-public coalition in 3 small coastal towns and is one of the most visionary, innovative, and organized local emergency preparedness groups in the Barrel list.

– James Roddey, Earth Sciences Information Officer,
Oregon Department of Geology and Mineral Industries

Born out of need for community and regional resilience, the Emergency Volunteer Corps of Nehalem Bay, was formed in February 2008 following a storm that brought hurricane-force winds and flooding to the north Oregon coast, temporarily isolating our 3 small communities of Manzanita, Nehalem and Wheeler (total full-time population: 1,374).

Emergency Volunteer Corps of Nehalem Bay (EVC), a 501©(3), was started as a Map Your Neighborhood effort. We have grown to a many pronged organization that includes MYN, CERT, Red Cross, Emergency Web Site, Community Education, Medical Response Team, Ham radio operators, and much much more.

Our goal is to actively promote community preparedness and personal responsibility.

Our objective is to provide the necessary information and tools to our entire region so that individuals will be able to take care of themselves during a disaster. Because of limited government resources and the likelihood that we will be isolated in an emergency, having an individual and/or small business plan is important. Self-sufficiency and trained community members prepared to respond is critical.

In spreading that message, we have enlisted the support of many volunteers who have dedicated their time and creative energy to this task, for which we are very appreciative. Our mission is to:

To provide individuals the information and tools they need to turn any emergency into an event!

In order to accomplish this mission, EVC have organized a team of leaders with specific skills in preparedness and have brought them together in order to foster communication, cross-functional & coordinated training exercises and drills, education and public outreach.

EVC teams all use the National Incident Response (NIMS) format established by FEMA so the coordination between the private citizen, three cities, the County and businesses is well organized and the chain of command is understood by all.

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Local Authorities Lead Efforts for Tsunami Debris Response

Posted by Elise E on Jul 5, 2012

As tsunami debris from the disaster in Japan makes its way to Oregon beaches via the Kuroshio Current, local and state officials are making preparations to dispose of and respond to the debris.

Nehalem Bay State park is one of 15 state parks along the Oregon coast that will have a supply of SOLVE clean-up bags and a debris collection box for free debris disposal. Seventeen municipal transfer stations will also be stocked with bags and debris collection boxes. Locally, CARTM is leading the coast in providing recycling as an option for tsunami debris. All debris must be identified before being deposited at drop sites and transfer stations. Click here to find a map showing the locations of the various drop sites for free disposal.

Perry Sherbaugh, Chief at Nehalem Bay Fire and Rescue said that while the state parks and the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality are taking the lead on responding to tsunami debris, if someone finds something that appears to be a hazardous material they should call 911. From there a duty officer at the fire department will assess the situation, cordon off the area and call the Coast Guard if necessary.

“Be smart. Call if you think it is a hazard,” Sherbaugh said. Hazardous materials may include chemical drums, gas cans or propane tanks.

Other potential reportable marine debris includes derelict vessels or other large debris items, mementos and possessions that can be traced back to an individual or group and have personal or monetary value. Garbage, like Plastic bottles, aluminum cans, buoys, Styrofoam should not be reported unless it is too large to carry to a disposal site.

Governor Kitzhaber has also announced that 211, generally used as a social services referral hotline, will be field phone calls regarding tsunami debris. Depending on the item of debris, call-takers may refer callers to the Coast Guard. Previously the 211 system was not available in Clatsop, Tillamook, Curry or Coos Counties. As they work out the kinks in this system, they encourage people to turn to their website and email beach.debris with any questions.

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