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AERObridge (formerly known as C.A.R.E., or Corporate Aviation Responding in Emergencies)

Organization: Transportation/Air
Facility Type: Info/Hotline
Status: Open

, HT 00000


Main/General Business E-mail Address: (hidden)

Management Contact: (hidden)
Make Checks Payable To: AERObridge

Mission: We are an NBAA–endorsed group of experienced aviation specialists who coordinate emergency aviation response during disasters. We assist governments and NGOs with moving people and supplies to where they are most needed

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"Alabama Fly-In": Saturday May 7th

As we have all seen the destruction caused by the violent Tornadoes in Alabama late last week, many have asked how they can help. As a General Aviation Pilot you can support those effected by the Tornadoes in a unique way. While FEMA and the Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (VOADs) have done an excellent job so far there are still requests for aid from organizations that are distributing straight to the affected people. Aerobridge has been asked to organize a General Aviation Fly-in to support the people affected by this disaster. This give us, as General Aviation Pilots, a chance to show that small airplanes should be considered part of the solution and not part of the problem. It also demonstrated the value of municipal airports as a lifeline to their communities.

Two airports (KTCL and KJFX), in the areas hardest hit, are being used as staging areas for supplies being distributed in the area. The organizations specifically asking for the specific needs below are listed and they will distribute the supplies.

Pilots are asked to fly in to either of the airports and bring whatever supplies they are able to which are on the list. Volunteers will be on site from 9am to 5pm on Saturday May 7th at both airports. One pilot we have talked to planned to make it a neighborhood response and advertise that neighbors could clean out their kitchens and closets of old pots and pans and children's clothes and drop them at their home and then fly them in on Saturday.

Tuscaloosa - Bama Air FBO
In support of: Pastor James Stockdale
Latin American Ministry

Maseca (this is what tortillas are made from ) Beans (pinto) Rice Pots & Pans Cooking utensils Silverware Portable camp cookstoves (propane operated, propane will be purchased in AL) CLEAN and gently used clothing including shoes for Men, women & children Personal hygiene items Baby formula Diapers & baby wipes Rain gear

Jasper, AL (KJFX) Sanders Air
In support of Pastor Kenneth G. Key, CEO Missions Unlimited, Inc.
PO Box 929
Jasper, AL 35502
Email: wheelchairs @

Needs include personal hygiene items for males and females, baby items; food, diapers,wipes and formula, nonperishable food items, paper goods basic first aid supplies


Current Work in Haiti
Facilitating Connections
We are continuing our efforts to assist non-governmental organizations with their missions to rebuild Haiti and support the recovery phase of a disaster. We are connecting different groups in an effort of cooperation and facilitation.

Passenger Transportation

The free flights via General Aviation aircraft are expensive and are utilized in a judicious manner. They are needed in the Immediate Response phase of an emergency. Since Haiti is now in the Recovery phase, these aircraft are no longer available and other more economical transportation methods must be utilited.

Therefore, we are assisting groups with a more economical transportation to Haiti via a $275 negotiated rate with Insel Air from Miami to Port au Prince. The number of seats per flight at this rate is limited, so requests must sometimes be flexible. We are not an agent of Insel and receive no financial benefit for assisting with flight requests. We are simply extending to groups a rate that might benefit them.

We are also working with Bahamas Habitat and RAM to establish an air ambulance service within Haiti. This service is currently being evaluated and we will provide more details when available.

Cargo Transportation

In cooperation with the U.S. Navy, we periodically have access to space available on U.S. Navy ships bound for Haiti. We assist non-governmental organizations in point to point logistics incorporating the military space available shipping. All supplies are based on a priority needs assessment compiled from numerous non-governmental organizations.

Through Lift, we have access to numerous cargo transportation options to Haiti at a reduced rate. Airfreight rate is .82/lb with AmeriJet from Miami to Port au Prince with service daily. Shipping via 40ft container from Miami to Port au Prince is slightly less than $4000 all inclusive.

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