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Crossroads - Dominican Crossroads

Facility Type: Info/Hotline
Status: Open

Agape Flights SGO 12999
100 Airport Avenue
Venice, Florida 34285

, DR 00000


Main/General Business Number: (809) 571-2286 or (809) 430-5505

Mission: from website:

Crossroads was founded on the belief that God accepts and loves every
person, even the poorest of the poor whom others have rejected and
reduced to a sub-human status.

For the past 20 years the plight of the desperately poor Haitian refugees has deeply
affected Crossroads founder, Jana Amelingmeier. This burden rooted within the
chambers of her soul, now manifests in her daily walk among the poor.

On an isolated part of the Dominican Republics north coast, rests the Crossroads
retreat center. Dedicated to the service of the poor; Crossroads welcomes groups
and volunteers from all corners of the world who desire to help facilitate those
desiring to serve the desolate and downtrodden.

Each week members of the Crossroads family travel to the dumps and shanties of
the sugar cane fields, bringing food, hope and dignity to people who otherwise are
unreachable. The beauty and simplicity of such ministries allows direct
participation with those served.

We invite you to take part of bringing the Kingdom here on earth and to enter into
the joy and peace that has been promised.

“We have given you a place, yes a privileged place, to not only walk alongside
the poor but also to put your extra baggage down, stop the rush of the world that
vistas of the Caribbean. With many areas of contemplation, we invite you to
take a journey into your own self, pull away from best sellers, table talk,
superficiality, and enjoy a bit of the eternal world, here and now.”- Jana

This organization provides Temporary or Permanent Service? Temporary


Haiti Earthquake Relief

In light of the devastating earthquake in Haiti ,
Crossroads has sent people, along with medical
supplies to Haiti.

In fact, a team of 14 has just returned after spending 8
days doing everything they could to assist these people
in these tragic times

So much needs to done and Crossroads is dedicated to do
everything we can, both now and in the future as the needs are
so great.

If you are able to come alongside us as we reach out to our
Haitian neighbors,Checks can be mailed to:
Agape Flights SGO 12999
100 Airport Avenue
Venice, Florida 34285

100% of your donation will go to Haitian Relief.


Our Programs:

Food for the Children -
Children are the most vulnerable members of society and therefore the most negatively
affected by poverty. Once a week Crossroads distributes milk, bread and salami or rice,
beans and chicken to the children of the poorest villages in the surrounding areas...

Construction -
Haitian refugees and the Dominican poor seldom dare to dream about one day owning
their own home. Crossroads volunteer groups bless the lives of the marginalized by
constructing sturdy homes for them with bathrooms, bedrooms and cement walls and

Sacred Rituals -
Weddings and baptisms have a deep, spiritual significance within the newly formed
Christian community. Crossroads allows poor Christians to celebrate this beautiful life
transformation by providing clothes, a cake,rings, food and post-celebration festivities...

Dump Ministry -
As hard as it may be to imagine, hundreds of families are forced to scrounge for their next
meal in piles of the city´s trash. Crossroads visits local dumps, that double as a source of
food and shelter for the poorest Dominicans and Haitians, to bring them hope and a real

Medical Ministry -
Bloated bellies, parasite infested water, open sewers, superstitious medicine... Overcoming
these obstacles to reaching adolescence is a blessing in itself. Crossroads offers free medical
care to those in need.

Volunteers -
Crossroads has opportunities for individuals or groups to
serve through long or short term projects.

Youth groups, church groups, college programs, medical groups, and people
simply dedicated to working together to help those in need are welcome to
contact Crossroads to arrange a way to serve. Crossroads has two large dorms
on site that accommodate a total of 45 group members. Groups are
encouraged to schedule months in advance, length of stay is flexible.

Hospital Ministry -
basically care for themselves. Family members must stay and sleep in the same bed as the
end, neglected by the staff to lye on sheets soaked in days of blood or fluid. Crossroads
visits these lonely rooms once a week to cheer the sick with songs and fellowship.
Coloring books, stuffed animals and hygine items are distributed to the young and old.

Fellowship Ministry -
Sometimes the best thing you can do for someone is replace their dignity. Poverty-stricken
Haitians and Dominicans are repeatedly degraded by the words and actions of others; they
are made to believe that they have no value or worth in the eyes of society. It is crucial that
we not only write checks, build homes, and provide medical, but also do what no one else
has ever done for them... show them they are deserving of love and respect.
Members of the Crossroads family often visit sugar cane villages to chat over coffee and tea
and to simply spend time in fellowship. Coffee is a rare treat for the poor who may pick
coffee beans but are never able to afford a warm cup.

Clothing Distribution -
Clothes generously donated by volunteers, international donors as well as local
Dominicans are distributed on a regular basis. We welcome you to bring along some
extra clothes to give away to the poor if you plan on visiting crossroads.

Fighting Voodoo -
The call of magic...darkening the lives of the people we serve.

The Mission House Experience - (can accommodate
groups of up to 15 people)
a week to a year!!
The Mission house is located in the midst of Villa Ascension
among 1500 Haitian Refugees, surrounded by cane fields as
far as the eye can see.

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