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Centre a Lits de Bainet

Facility Type: Medical Facility
Status: Open

Bainet, HT 00000

Region:Sud Est

Main/General Business Number: P: Code 22101 H: 2210604

Management Contact: (hidden)
Management Phone: (hidden)
Other Contacts:(hidden)

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12/12/10 Email from Lionel St. Pierre to Laura/CAT Volunteer:

This is the place where all cholera patients in commune Bainet. MSF is setting up a CTC in the area, but status is not known at this time. The is a Cuban mission somewhere in the Bainet commune.

On December 4, 2010 Lionel rec'vd information that 3 people died and 12 were sick in Trou Mahot which is just east of Bainet and approx 2 hrs. from Jacmel.

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added internal contact for clinic
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Created At: Mon Dec 13 01:05:54 -0700 2010
Updated At: Fri Dec 17 04:02:09 -0700 2010
Updated By: LPar

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