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HQ: Elm Grove, WI
Les Cayes, HT 00000



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Mission: from the website:

Youthaiti is dedicated to helping and encouraging Haitian young people in their development of ecological projects in sanitation and water-source protection,
community gardening and reforestation in their own communities.


YOUTHAITI builds ecological toilets in rural communities for both public and household use. Community dry-composting toilets are located at schools, orphanages, markets and bus stops. Household Arborloos or Fossa Alterna are built together with community members to serve one household or a lakou with several households. YOUTHAITI provides fruit trees to plant in the Arborloo pit when it is full, enabling families to have another source of food or income as well as a sanitary toilet.
Community Education

YOUTHAITI partners with local groups to teach models of behavior change to encourage the use and proper maintenance of ecological toilets.
Community Gardening

YOUTHAITI encourages communities to develop community demonstration gardens in conjunction with the public dry-composting toilets to enable many people to see the benefits of using organic fertilizers from recycled human waste.

Thanks to a grant from the Jack and Lucy Rosenberg Foundation and Max Samson, a small tree nursery was established to provide trees for Arborloos and to help re-forest the denuded mountainsides. Flooding occurs many times annually due to the lack of trees throughout the country. With our partner Agronomists we are teaching people to develop terraces and plant trees to hold the soil in place.

Client/Case Management Information
Contact Name:Gigi Pomerantz, President and Executive Director
EMail:info @

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On Sun, Dec 19, 2010 at 12:06 AM, Gigi Pomerantz wrote:

We have teams going out to do education and distribution of JIF in Pestel - sections 5 - Duchity and 4 - Derreveaux.

I can ask them to report back on cases suspected or found.

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