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Trou-du-Nord Hospital (supported by Cuban Brugade) "CHOLERA TREATMENT CENTER- CTC" - (OPS-MSPP)

Facility Type: Medical Facility
Status: Open

Trou-du-Nord, HT 00000

County/Parish:Trou du Nord

Main/General Business E-mail Address: (hidden)

Management Contact: (hidden)
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Other Contacts:(hidden)

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12/29/10 CHHN Update
Cuban Brigade reports that they have treated a total of 1662 cholera patients at that hospital. They currently however only have 2 patients.

The Cuban Corporation and Merlin are now in agreement that Merlin will be the main treatment centre in Trou-du-Nord from now on. They are working on promotion of the Merlin CTC so patients come straight to them. However the Cubans said that they will continue to fully treat those patients that come to them, rather than redirecting them.


12/3/10 Email from Dr. Novelo, OPS Field Team
the only functioning facility at this moment is the CTU in Tru du Nord
Hospital, managed by the Cuban Brugade, point of contact is Julio
Brinones (contact no. is above)
MERLIN UK is currently in the process of establishing a CTC in this
area, point of contact at the moment is DR Christoph Garo (contact no. is above)

11/30/10 Posted on HEAS
Today the 30th a OPS-MSPP team is in Trou-du-nord to asses and support the implement of a CTC. For the time being this will be the referal place for this cholera patients in Caracol. The need is on distribution of ORS + social mobilisation for information on how to seek prompt treatment while taking ORS on arriving to the CTC.

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