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AHB- Association Humanitaire de Bainet

Facility Type: Info/Hotline
Status: Open

U.S. ADDR: P.O. Box 107, Matawan NJ 07747
Bainet, HT 00000


Main/General Business Number: 732-970-3970

Mission: The goal of the Humanitarian Association of Bainet is to promote
and encourage education and health care among the general population
of Bainet with the primary focus on the children. AHB directly sponsors
the education and the well being of over 100 children by paying for
their school.We would like to continue helping. Support AHB by
becoming a member.

Client/Case Management Information
Contact Name:Brunet Michel, President
EMail:briboj @

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Brunet Michel, President
briboj @

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Created At: Sat Nov 27 19:08:44 -0700 2010
Updated At: Sat Nov 27 19:17:17 -0700 2010
Updated By: LTel

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