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Yasin Community (IDP Camp)

Facility Type: Shelter
Status: Open

18.593417 -72.31735

Cite Soleil, HT 00000


Main/General Business Number: SSID 117_02_417

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29 October 2010

Cholera Outbreak: Update

Over 250 people have died in Haiti as a result of the Cholera outbreak. 3,000 people have now been diagnosed with the disease, including five in the capital, Port-au-Prince.

Cholera can spread when people drink water that has been contaminated by someone who has already contracted the disease. To help combat the spread of Cholera, Islamic Relief is continuing to supply clean water to residents of Yasin camp in Barriere Fer. 4,000 litres of clean drinking water is being distributed on a daily basis. 4,000 litres of clean water for washing is also being distributed.

Four water tankers have been set-up, two for drinking and two for washing and each is clearly marked and separated from the others.

Over the next few days and weeks, Islamic Relief will be conducting training on good hygiene practices and distributing hygiene kits to all residents of the three camps in Port-au-Prince in which IR works, Parc Sainte Claire, Yasin and Accra Nord.

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WASH Cluster - IDPs - 11-19-10
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