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Cilia Foundation

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Forge, HT 00000



Mission: CILIA Foundation was incorporated in 1988 in the State of Florida, USA and obtained IRS 501C3 status in 1991. CILIA Foundation has a stellar record and has been in good standing in the US and was managed by the same Founder until 2007.

Back in the mid ‘80s, Ms. Eliane Pierre-Louis, the Founder, a RETIRED US ARMY VETERAN, received her calling from God to shut down her thriving real estate business in the US and move to the Northern part of the country of Haiti where she opened orphanages, built schools, started a bakery business and a grocery store which profits had helped her feed the village population and traveled no less than 4 times a year bringing back many necessary items from the US to the village called FORGE. CILIA is named after Ms. Pierre-Louis' mother- in- law, who even though she did not know how to read or write herself, paid those who knew how to read and write to teach the younger kids in her "canton" (village). At the core, CILIA Foundation is all about EDUCATION of HAITIAN CHILDREN and YOUTH. Ms. Pierre Louis remains engaged in the organization and is currently serving as Vice President.

Cilia Foundation’s goal remains the continuity of its programs that are enabling all children in Haiti by building schools, providing lunch cafeterias at the schools. OUR NEW PRESIDENT: Mrs. Gina Hortance: As CILIA's new President, since 2007, I have implemented the same standards and values of our programs instituted under my own “Esther’s Mission ” in the South of Haiti . We have been helping the women in particular in developing small businesses through Esther’s Mission micro-loan program aka “village banking” (*already underway in the South of Haiti in 4 cities, Les Cayes, Fond-Fred, Mahotiere and Baie-Dumesle) via our Esther’s Mission initiative. The Mission is now housed under CILIA FOUNDATION.

ESTHER’s Mission certainly enables other economic development programs in the northern part of the country and we currently support 300 children in Baie-Dumesle and Fond-Fred. It is a conglomerate of two missions that are well established coming together under this one umbrella of CILIA Foundation covering the needs both in the North and in the South of Haiti. Esther's Mission was primarily supported by Gina Hortance's Private firm, TPOTA, a US company and by the Professional Golfer (PGA) LEON COSMON in Martinique and various businesses in Martinique, French Antilles.

TODAY, after the earthquake in Haiti, of course, we naturally tought about THE STUDENTS, Haiti's future. And this thought gave birth to "We are NOT a new kid on the block", we will be posting pictures of our efforts soon, but in the meantime, please help support, under CILIA FOUNDATION.

WE ARE CALLING ON OUR FRIENDS AROUND THE WORLD TO HELP SUPPORT THE STUDENTS OF HAITI. ALL FUNDS GO DIRECTLY TO SUPPORT THE CAUSE. YOU will be matched with the student or students sponsored (unless you wish to remain anonymous and we will respect that and provide you adequate paperwork for your tax files)

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