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Centre de Sante Aurore du Bel Aire - "UTC - CHOLERA TREATMENT" (Supported by: Croix Rouge Francaise/French Red Cross)

Organization: UTC
Facility Type: Medical Facility
Status: Open

Aurore du Bel Aire; Rue des Cesars, Bel Air
Port-au-Prince, HT 00000


Capacity: 4

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This organization provides Temporary or Permanent Service? Temporary


This site is listed as a UTC in the MSPP/PAHO/Health Cluster list dated 11/13/10

CTU/UTC DEFINITION: Unit for the/Cholera (UTC): a health center, mobile clinic or hospital alone which has built a space to be able treat patients cholera, or in a tent or ente or in a house of the structure. THE UTC is able to make oral rehydration and intravenous use. Capacity 2-20 beds. Opening: at least during 12 hours. Staff : doctor, nurses, agent sanitation, health worker

Comments translated: "Open from 8 hours has 16 hours"

Managing Organization: Croix Rouge Francaise

Dr Bruno Jean Baptiste
tel 31149664

et CR F Chantal Calvel, tel 38932245

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Created At: Fri Nov 19 16:41:51 -0700 2010
Updated At: Sun Jan 23 08:15:06 -0700 2011
Updated By: LPar

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