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Lean on Me, Inc

Organization: Non-Profit
Facility Type: Donor
Status: Open

P.O. Box 292457
Sacramento, CA 95829


Main/General Business Number: (916) 230-3708
Main/General Business E-mail Address: (hidden)

Management Contact: (hidden)
Make Checks Payable To: Lean On Me, Inc.
Hours: 10 am - 6pm M-Fri Pacific Time

This organization provides Temporary or Permanent Service? Temporary


Our Service

Lean On Me, Inc. has been playing a instrumental role in the efforts to support the survivors of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. From the floors of the Houston Astrodome, Reliant Center, to small hotels and motels on the highways and biways, Lean On Me, Inc. was there. By phone, by volunteer or by the internet, we were able to successfully place hurricane survivors in over 40 open homes offered by loving fellow Americans. We continue to support our families in the Gulf region, and plan on being there for the long haul!!

Lean On Me, Inc. strives to provide two types of temporary housing:

1. Transitional housing (housing and services for up to 6 months, while searching for apartments and jobs).

2. Longer-term transitional housing (housing, services and case management for up to 1 year, while completing job training or community college programs).

Comprehensive support services for clients include shelter and food, one-on-one case management, life skills workshops, a children?s program, a mandatory savings program, health care referrals, job and housing search assistance and a lengthy follow-up program. There is will also be an active ?alumni? group that returns to Lean On Me, Inc. to help others. It is a special way for them to give back to the organization that helped them get reestablished and back on their feet.

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