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Phil Lee Warehouse

Organization: Private
Facility Type: Donor
Status: Closed

Waukesha, WI 53186


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portable office walls 4' x 6' and along with some almost new legal and
letter file cabinets that need to be transported to d"Iberville, MS.

> Labor to load and unload has been arranged.

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Closed: per offer details
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Created At: Wed Aug 09 20:42:20 -0700 2006
Updated At: Thu May 03 01:37:03 -0700 2007
Updated By: LTel

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Furniture, Office, File Cabinet (Legal) 1 Office Walls & Cabinets Show Edit
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Portable Office Walls - 4' x 6' 1 Office Walls & Cabinets Show Edit
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Office Walls & Cabinets Chamber of Commerce - D'Iberville