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Renewal 4 Haiti (Supporting Camejo Hospital) - 2010 Haiti Earthquake

Facility Type: Info/Hotline
Status: Open

U.S. ADDR: 18625 East Dorado Drive,
Aurora, CO 80015

Rue D'Accueil #4
Leogane, Haiti W.I.

GPS Coords: 18.511, -72.612

, HT 00000


Main/General Business Number: 720-530-6975
Main/General Business E-mail Address: (hidden)

Management Contact: (hidden)
Management Phone: (hidden)
Other Contacts:(hidden)
Make Checks Payable To: Renewal4Haiti

Mission: Our Story

Founder Jodel Charles, a Haitian immigrant living in Denver, recently returned from a relief trip to Haiti, where he led a team of thirteen medical responders and provided twenty thousand pounds of donated medical supplies and equipment. In conjunction with a continued provision of necessary supplies, Renewal 4 Haiti is committed to raising the funds and equipment necessary to complete the construction of Hôpital Camejo in Léogâne, Haiti.

Renewal4Haiti is dedicated to rebuilding this sustainable indigenous hospital that was to open its doors on March 1, 2010 with pediatric, internal medicine, OB/GYN, surgical, emergency, lab and pharmacy services.

From Jodel's experiences:

My wife (Sue, RN) and I, decided on January 15th, after trying every possible NGO on the planet and being told to wait months, to head down there by ourselves. We called my parents and informed them we'd arrive on the 22nd, knowing full well that they routinely discourage us from coming to Haiti even in the "best of times." Them acquiescing with no objection whatsoever, and actually asking us to bring medical supplies along, meant that the situation was dire indeed and that it was the right thing to do.

We set the (now modest) goal of traveling with 100 lbs each and made an appeal to our Haitian Community, local churches, and "FaceBooked" full force. Donations flowed from all over! By afternoon on the 20th, when Boulder Medical Center called and said they had 60+ more boxes, I was forced to rent a storage room; and by the 21st, I had 2 storage rooms full of supplies! In addition to that, Reverend Robert Bixby (Global Grace, the chaplain who went with us) called from Illinois and told us he's sending a truck with 124 boxes to New York.

Sue and I ended up taking 27 fifty-gallon trash cans with us on Delta Airlines at zero charge. A generous donor chartered a flight out of Santo Domingo into Port-au-Prince Haiti where we landed in the early hours of the night and rented a coach bus to ferry the six thousand pounds the team had collectively gathered.

Jodel, Sue and the rest of the relief team came back to the United States with a clear understanding of the work that still needs to be done. Most importantly, Renewal 4 Haiti has the contacts, expertise and on-the-ground knowledge to make these needs a reality.

To contribute to this effort, donate to Renewal 4 Haiti.

Client/Case Management Information
Contact Name:Jodel & Sue Charles, Founder
Phone Number:720-530-6975

Areas Served: Leogane, Haiti

This organization provides Temporary or Permanent Service? Permanent


Camejo is an indigenous hospital.


Tweeted by Renewal 4 Haiti regarding the Cholera Epidemic 10/28/10:

CAMEJO doctors' #s for ppl needing help anywhere: Cam - 3491-7969, Jo - 3486-9738, Erlantz - 3702-8522, Nika - 3455-7529


See CAT FACILITY RECORD FOR Camejo Hospital at:


Renewal 4 Haiti + CAMEJO Hospital response
Cholera -

Untold thousands will potentially die simply because they don't know about the disease. We're helping CAMEJO launch a relentless educational campaign on local television and radio stations to teach the population the simple hygiene tips that will help them ward cholera off.

Everyone in Léogâne has a cell phone. Using the 80,000+ patient records at the hospital, we're also putting in place a massive SMS text messaging campaign with regular updates on the progress of the disease and hygiene tips. Being constantly reminded to be mindful of what they put in their mouths, a lot of lives will be saved.

We've put together several small, condensed informational sheets (tracks) in French, English and Créole that will be in distribution at both CAMEJO locations and throughout Léogâne and surrounding areas with the help of Léogâne mayor and CAMEJO Hospital board member Anthony Dumont.

We will supply CAMEJO Hospital to do distribution of aqua tabs, hand sanitizers, JIF (popular disinfectant in Haiti). We have recommended to the UN Health Cluster and Léogâne city officials that drastic measures be taken to prevent the disease from both reaching the city and spreading amongst its citizens. These include stopping all travel to central Haiti immediately, wearing sterile gloves for even the most menial tasks, teaming up with other southern peninsula healthcare facilities, distributing electrolytes in various forms to the population among others.



With the $47,774.89 we've raised since February, we've been able to provide shelter for 600 families, send backpacks filled with supplies to 100 schoolchildren, ship 60,000 lbs of medical aid and finish a 15-bed hospital seeing 350 people a day.

Unlike what you hear in the news, YOU are making a world of difference and helping save countless lives daily. YOU are the heroes Haiti needs!

We have $29,550.51 left to raise for:

* materials and labor to finish an O/R
* an air conditioning units for the O/R
* rebuilding cafeteria/kitchen for the patients
* locally acquiredequipment O/R

We also need your help to kickstart our project below. Let's continue saving lives together!

PROJECT CAMEJO Campus - Hospital + Vocational Training Center:

When we asked 300 Haitians who are living in Leogane what they need most, they said jobs, education and healthcare. We listened and decided to expand our on our project to rebuild the Camejo Hospital to include a vocational training center. It'll help create jobs, provide necessary skills training and dispense medical care to a population with tens of thousands of people who are physically and emotionally injured, 80% unemployed and most live on less than $2/day.

Exactly what are we doing down there?
It's a critical first step towards long-term recovery and vital to the town's survival. CAMEJO Hospital was 6 weeks from opening its doors as the ONLY inpatient and trauma facility in the region when it collapsed on January 12th. We're partnering with CAMEJO because they are the most trusted, reputable Haitian healthcare providers in the Léogâne area for the last 27 years.

As jobs are created for Haiti's redevelopment, we will empower Haitians to take an active part in the rebuilding of their country and livelihood. We've identified the immediate needs in Léogâne and are excited to start the vocational training programs below in partnership with other Haitian and American organizations:

We're combining the two efforts on CAMEJO's ideal 3.5-acre property on the highway at the entrance of Léogâne. It will employ 700 Haitians and train 5,000 construction/healthcare workers for the next 5 years.








Renewal 4 Haiti is an entirely volunteer-driven organization, with a non-compensated board of directors. Join us today to help build the CAMEJO Campus.

Interested in going to Haiti and putting your hand to the plow? Join us for our next trip for 6 days of work and 1 day of vacation!

Do you want to put together a fundraiser for us / volunteer at a fundraiser for us? Drop us a line. We love and appreciate all our volunteers and we guarantee once you get the Haiti bug, you have it for life!

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