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Loving Shepherd Ministries (LSM) - 2010 Haiti Earthquake

Facility Type: Shelter
Status: Open

U.S. ADDR: P.O. Box 375, Blufton, IN 46714

Various - See Area Served, HT 00000

Region:Haiti, Caribbean

Main/General Business Number: 2604144706 / 260-824-9000


What We Do

Loving Shepherd Ministries is a Christ-centered ministry that is passionate about helping orphans and at-risk children. With all of the worthy causes that are out there today, why orphans? The answer is that orphans hold a special place in the heart of God.

In over 40 places in Scripture, God commands us to defend the cause of the orphan. God says that looking after orphans is “pure and undefiled” religion (James 1:27). In fact, in Psalm 68:5, God goes so far as to call Himself a “father to the fatherless." Put differently, God says that the world’s orphans are HIS kids – every last one of them!

Our mission at Loving Shepherd Ministries is to care for God’s kids by nurturing them to reach their full, God-given potential. We want to care for God’s children as He would – including placing them in permanent, godly families. Our passion is to tangibly show the world’s orphans the love of their Heavenly Father.


The greatest program or project, if it is not sustained over time, is ultimately ineffective for long-term transformation. Because LSM is committed to the long-term transformation of individuals and cultures, we place high value on sustainability. Successful sustainability is a result of two dual objectives:

1. Working to mobilize local, indigenous resources to carry out a particular ministry. This allows Western resources to be a complementary source of funds rather than the only source.
2. Educating donors that their support is most effective if it is long-term. Our Homes of Hope monthly sponsors, for example, understand that their financial support does immense good because it is regular and ongoing.

Cultural Respect

LSM is a listening ministry. We realize that we don’t have all of the answers for helping orphaned and at-risk children within a particular country or culture. Therefore, we engage with cultural leaders within a country to hear their solutions, ideas and vision. This practice flows from our respect and appreciation for how God has gifted all of His followers with different insights, wisdom and perspectives. Our heart is to empower local, indigenous believers to develop and implement their own biblical solutions. We are called to partnership not paternalism.

We are also careful not to export Western or American cultural standards to those we work with. While we are thankful for our American heritage, we realize that attempting to “Westernize” other cultures creates many unnecessary conflicts and complications. Our approach is to plant the seed of Christ-centered orphan care in a particular country and then nurture that seed as it grows up organically in its own native soil.

Homes of Hope

Homes of Hope are not group homes. They are not orphanages. They are families. Plain and simple.

Loving Shepherd Ministries empowers local couples to care for orphaned and at-risk children within their own country. A Home of Hope is a place of refuge where a native, Christian couple cares for 12 orphaned and at-risk children as their own sons or daughters. LSM provides these couples with a modest dwelling in which to raise the children and monthly support to cover the costs of daily living. Within these permanent families, all of the children's physical needs are met, and the love of Jesus is taught and demonstrated to them each day.

This program is unique because of our uncompromising commitment to placing children in families. When the children become adults and move out of their Home of Hope, they will still have a place to call home. When they get married and have children, their Home of Hope parents will be the grandparents! For children in our Homes of Hope, the love of a family will follow them wherever they go…forever. This is how God designed it.

Areas Served: Kpoux, Haiti Torbeck, Chantal, Fonfrede, Cavaillon, Bambou, Welsch (1) - for HIV+ children, Welsch (2) - a 2nd home for HIV+ children, Boval, HAITI

This organization provides Temporary or Permanent Service? Temporary


Acronym: LSM
Contact Name at Headquarters: Ed Schwartz
Phone: 2604144706
Email: ed
Web Site:
Areas of Activity : Agriculture, Children & Youth, Economic Development, Education, Health, HIV/AIDS, Housing, Humanitarian Assistance, Microfinance, Water & Sanitation
Year founded : 20th July 2002
Budget Range : Over 500,000
Number of Staff : 21-100
Funded By : Private funders

Organization Details: LSM provides food, clothing, homes and families for children who are abandoned, orphaned, at risk, exploited or restavek. LSM is also working with the indigenous churches of Haiti in empowering, engaging and educating them in how to care for the above mentioned children. LSM operates a ranch to provide resources, training and opportunities for business endeavors, micro finance and vocational education.



Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere and home to more than 300,000 orphans. Its history is tragically dark – but there is hope. God is raising up a generation of culture-changers in the midst of Haiti. This new generation is made up of those written off by the world, including orphans. LSM is strategically positioned in Haiti to change the entire nation for Christ – one life at a time.

LSM currently has Homes of Hope in the following locations in Haiti:

Kpoux, Haiti
Torbeck, Haiti
Chantal, Haiti
Fonfrede, Haiti
Cavaillon, Haiti
Bambou, Haiti
Welsch, Haiti (1) - for HIV+ children
Welsch, Haiti (2) - a 2nd home for HIV+ children
Boval, Haiti

We also operate a cutting-edge Vocational Ranch in Haiti. The Vocational Ranch makes our Homes of Hope program sustainable, something we expect from all of our programs.

Vocational Ranch Project

The LSM Vocational Ranch is an important part of our long-term presence in Haiti. Consisting of a beautiful 35 acre tract of land, our Vocational Ranch is an innovative way to build sustainability into our Homes of Hope program.

As the LSM Ranch project develops, it will serve several purposes:

• Children will leave the Homes of Hope around the age of 18. They will live in the dorms at the Ranch until age 20, though they are still a part of their Home of Hope family.

• During their 2 years at the Ranch, they will work part-time on the Ranch while attending our LSM vocational school.

• LSM’s vocational school (located at the Ranch) will teach masonry, computer, agronomy, animal husbandry and domestic skills.

• The Ranch and vocational schools will be heavily devoted to furthering the Biblical training our children received in their Home of Hopes.

• At age 20, the students will leave the Ranch and be set up with a job or a small business.

• The Ranch will provide income to LSM Homes of Hope by selling grain, vegetables, fruit and meat to area markets.

As you can see, the Ranch is a significant investment in the children of Haiti. It’s a long-term project that will have long-term Kingdom impact on future generations!. Although we are in the early phases of the Ranch project, the vision for the project is generating lots of excitement!

Info Source/Changes:
Haiti Civil Societies Organization site & org site
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