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Angel Missions Haiti

Facility Type: Medical Facility
Status: Open

U.S. ADDR: 4071 Barley Drive, Salem, VA 24153

Coordinate out of PaP
, HT 00000

Region:Haiti, Caribbean

Main/General Business Number: (540) 380-4588
Main/General Business E-mail Address: (hidden)

Management Contact: (hidden)
Management Phone: (hidden)
Other Contacts:(hidden)

Mission: "Angel Missions Haiti will coordinate state-of-the-art medical care and deliver elementary education to the children of Haiti in concert with providing primary health education to Haitian physicians through its U.S. and Haitian missions. We will constantly strive to improve our offerings to reach the most desperate people by continuing to establish partnerships with U.S. and Haitian organizations to enhance the services that we deliver."

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We take referrals of children and some adults from all over Haiti who need life threatening surgeries that can not be obtained in Haiti. We work on finding free medical care in US for the children. The medical specialists listed below can be in the US or be willing to travel to Haiti.

There are children in Haiti with various medical needs who simply cannot receive treatment there. If you, or anyone you know, can help with these needs, please Contact Us.

Presently, we have a need for the following medical specialists:

Ocular Plastic Surgeon:
Kelly was born with congenital eye defect, no eyelid. An attempt was made to correct his problem but doctors there were unsuccessful. As one can imagine this child is in pain from the inability to blink or close his eye.

Plastic Surgeon:
A common problem we see in Haiti is babies born with cleft pallets. An easily corrected problem in the U.S. is often a terminal one in Haiti. Babies may be unable to nurse and therefore die from malnourishment or they may even be killed by individuals who practice Voodoo and believe that physical deformities are a sign of demon possession.

We currently have a few children who have genital deformities and are in need of surgery for correction. Examination information is available only to medical professionals.

Another physical problem which is relatively easy to correct in the U.S., but not in Haiti, is babies born with VSD (ventricular septal defect) or a hole in the heart.

Hydracephalic conditions(water on the brain).


In order for these children to be given a medical visa from our government, our organization must arrange for the medical care to be provided at no cost to the public. In addition, host families are needed to care for these little ones at their own expense for the length of time the children stay in their homes. Throughout this process, there are many expenses that Angel Missions incurs. These include medical tests in Haiti, child care expenses for their stay at an American run clinic, the cost of all necessary immigration paperwork and airfare to and from Port-au-Prince for the child and an escort.

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