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Cap Haitien Health Network Warehouse

Facility Type: Warehouse
Status: Open

World Food Program warehouse on the road out from cap towards milot. pass the total gas station on the left and two minutes later you will come a national gas station. It is this gas station that the world food program ware house is next to. Blue and white building.

GPS Coord. Confirmed
Cap Haitien, HT 00000
Population Served:
Shelters Served:
County/Parish:Cap Haitien

Facility has Loading Dock: No
Facility has Forklift: No

Main/General Business E-mail Address: (hidden)

Management Contact: (hidden)
Other Contacts:(hidden)
Hours: Work by appointment only. Please call for an appointment.

Mission: To distribute medical donations to medical facilities in northern Haiti and aid in facilitation and coordination of medical issues in northern Haiti.

The following is a pre-sorted link to members of the Network on the Citizen Command Center Database.

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Posted on Network Yahoo Group 11/11/10
Hey, gang, the cholera epidemic has hit many parts of the north, and HELP IS NEEDED NOW.

Particularly the following supplies:
IV normal saline or lactated ringers, with tubing and catheters
water purfication tabs or small systems
sanitization supplies and materials
antibiotics, especially doxycyline and cipro (and erythro for children)

Volunteer medical personnel(especially nurses) who can come help support Haitian medical personnel with administering oral and IV hydration to affected inpatients are urgently needed too.

Rick Sante of ALFA is receiving and arranging transport (air and by Royal Caribbean) from Miami. He tells me today that some boxes have come unlabeled or mislabeled, so please label your donated boxes clearly with a list of what is inside, and address either to a particular clinic/organization (that is expecting this and can help with transport) or to the Cap Haitien Health Network, c/o:

Richard (Rick) Sante
Airlift Flyers Aviation LLC (ALFA-AERO)
10815 NW 33rd Street Miami FL 33172 USA
ph: 305-470-1500 (M-F 8am-8pm)

Please also email a note with these same details to me so we will be aware of what is in the pipeline.

Thanks for your help, Ted Kaplan, MD

The Cap Haitien Health Network using a Yahoo group for group communications.

Files are posted on the Yahoo Group about using this database for supplies as well as a list of the Network Members.

Supplies from Project Cure and DRI will be available near the end of Sept.2010 Watch notification on Cap Haitien Health Network Yahoo Group. If you need help getting on the group, contact Laura at capbham
Network TEAM

Julian Malinak (no longer in Haiti)
Julian @

Juline Mauricette
Juline08 @

Greg Parker (no longer in Haiti)
gmparker1 @

Hannah Steadman (no longer in Haiti)
hannahsteadman @

Dr. Malkin Eugene
maklineugene @

Djailcovsky Aimable
djailcovsky2 @

Marie (Maggy) Alcineus

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