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Child Hope - (CHI - Child Hope International) - 2010 Haiti Earthquake

Facility Type: Shelter
Status: Open

Child Hope International: PO BOX 3677,
Redondo Beach, CA 90277

, HT 00000


Main/General Business Number: 888-808-9595

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Areas Served: MAISON DE LUMIERE -- Record at:

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On top of launching a new school for all our children, counseling and preparing the MDL children for a post-quake Haiti, and partnering with numerous churches, organizations and missions teams assisting with our rebuild efforts, we have been working non-stop to assist quake victims. The need at the community level is tremendous and so much more is needed beyond what we can supply. Our staff is working tirelessly, first, to care for the children at Maison de Lumiere and next, to assist the children and families in the surrounding community. This effort has been non-stop since the quake and, in some cases, activity has increased significantly as the rains and people’s need for more permanent housing are on the rise.

Our top priority has been the children at the orphanage, their families, our staff and their families. As we meet their needs, we can apply more time, effort and resources to our community. We have been assisting the community since day one, starting first with our medical triage and shortly after, through providing food, shelter and whatever assistance was needed.

Below is brief synopsis of our current relief efforts and an overview of how funds and resources are being applied.

Medical Care – The establishment of our new expanded medical clinic has allowed us to treat more people than ever before. Treating those with earthquake injuries, malaria, hygiene-related diseases, stomach ailments, cuts, scrapes and other injuries, to name a few, is a regular and on-going effort for our med team. Our staff nurses, as well as visiting doctors, dentists and other health care professionals, have helped greatly in the provision of quality health care services -- all at no cost to the community. In a number of cases, we also transport patients we are unable to treat to hospitals or other medical facilities where they can get the care they need. We even delivered a baby in our clinic recently to a mother residing in our of our tent cities. Medications and med services are being provided to the community through the generous donations of our supporters. We are praying that more doctors will sign up to serve for one week minimum terms.

Ravine Families - Child Hope has long assisted the poor and destitute families in a ravine community near our orphanage. Prior to the earthquake, our children and staff would host feedings, med clinics, church services and other special programs for the ravine families. In addition, many of the children in the ravine participate in our muTch feeding program. The earthquake destroyed almost every home in the ravine community and we have been working diligently with a local pastor in the ravine to supply tarps, tents, food and clean water for over 200 people in the area. Recently, we began rebuilding homes and helping relocate people out of the tent city and into permanent, rain/hurricane-resistant housing. We also helped obtain clean drinking water for the area and are trying to get a community well dug.

Reconstruction beginning:

Shelter – We have compiled and hired a work crew of approximately 20 local Haitian masons and builders who have been working full-time since our rebuilding effort began. The team includes many men from the ravine and even a few former MDL residents. The team is primarily repairing and building homes but allow assists with post-quake clean-up and other projects. In addition, working with a good friend and Christian brother Stephan Vervloet, we will soon be building permanent pressure-treated wood-framed homes for needy families. There are two different models available that we will be offering that can be customized based on a person’s lot size and personal needs. Generally, these homes can be built in one day with minimum construction expertise. Beginning May 1st, we will start constructing 13 of these new homes for needy families in the ravine and other areas.

Renting Homes – Many families who were renting homes lost their homes in the quake as well. Landlords are not rebuilding or offering alternative housing to their tenants so many people are homeless, on the streets or in tent cities. We have set up a process to review and evaluate situations and have, in some cases, pay rents for a number of families for a one-year lease period.

Family food packets – Special “care boxes” are prepared and issued on a regular basis, especially to mothers with babies and small children. The boxes contain food items, drinking water, personal care items, diapers and other helpful items.

Other areas of assistance include:

o Distribution of over 100 tents
o Distribution of over 300 tarps
o Distribution of Work Food Programme super nutrition biscuits and Plumpy Nut peanut butter packets.
o Distribution of multiple bags of rice, beans, canned food and clean water.
o Providing jobs or assisting those who lost jobs or businesses in the quake.
o Helped merchants by providing micro-loans or grants for the re-start-up of their small street businesses destroyed in the earthquake

This is just a quick overview of our post-earthquake recovery efforts. We are praying for continued support in the form of teams willing to come and build houses, funding from individuals, teams, schools, churches and others willing to sponsor houses (houses sell for as low as $2,500, up to $4,500 completed painted and finished) or just commit to the monthly support of our ongoing efforts here.

Most of all, we are asking for your prayers. Prayer for those who are dealing with the loss of loved ones, jobs, homes and businesses. Prayer for our missionary team and staff who is working tirelessly to serve the Haitian people with the Love of Jesus in the face of such overwhelming devastation and hopelessness. And finally, prayer for the children of The Lighthouse (Maison de Lumiere)-- that they not lose faith, that they find their hope not in man, governments or organizations but in the Rock of their Salvation and that they find Peace and True Joy in the midst of the storm.

God bless you.
bill manassero


UPDATE 3-1-09
Sorry for getting so behind on my updates. I can’t believe it has not been since Feb 19, since my last update. It’s just that activity has increased significantly and time just got away from me.


Please keep us in prayer as we seek doctors who are willing to come to Haiti to spend at least one week minimum serving at our clinic. The need is great. There is much follow-up with earthquake victims and new ailments resulting from the altered living conditions.

Class is in session, even though we do not have a full teaching staff. We desperately need teachers who are willing to come and serve through the end of the school year, during the summer session and beginning next Fall for the full school year. Please pray that the Lord will send godly, devoted teachers to help our kids get focused on school and get through this difficult time. If you are interested or know someone who is interested, please sign up at

We can cannot thank you all enough for your ongoing prayers and support. There is not enough room here to even begin to express our gratitude to the many who have been so supportive and diligently pray daily for the precious children at Maison de Lumiere, the community, our staff and the Child Hope missionaries here. May God bless you abundantly for all you have done and continue to do during this challenging time.

SEE Earthquake FAQ at:

What are you doing right now?
We have many activities going on right now. Our top priorities are security, food/water, repairs and education. In addition, we are trying to meet the needs of employees and members of our community by providing food, repairs, shelter, etc. All missionaries and staff members here have their assignments and priorities. We are building up our security detail and operations. We are making repairs and planning for the big task of rebuilding of the MDL walls. We are setting up our expanded clinic and addressing the health and medical needs of the community. We are seeking well-drillers and other clean water solutions to help our community. In addition, we are coordinating with our people in the U.S. to get the needed people and supplies over here.

Where are your funds going? Please note that 100% of donated earthquake relief funds will go to relief efforts. Relief efforts include providing medical care, food, water and shelter to the community, especially those hardest hit. We especially are seeking to find children who have been orphaned by the disaster. Please note that because the need is so great here we are trying to make the funds last so that we can help more people. Teams and individuals coming to help must pay their own way and cover living costs while here. We are seeking donated food, clean water and supplies so that we can use the funds for the most critical needs.

Can I give supplies? If so, where can I send them? Right now we have no constant way to transport supplies. We currently have a storage unit filled with mostly medical supplies. We do currently need the following: flashlights, extension cords, solar lights, small generators, and tarps. If you have access to donating these items please contact Alicia Simmons our Relief Coordinator. We will be packing supplies in 50lb duffel bags that can accompany travelers who fly here. Please contact our Relief Coordinator before gathering supplies. You can contact her at: Alicia



If you wish to ship items to the orphanage, please contact us before collecting or shipping any items.



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