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Mississippi Commision for Volunteer Service (see also "Volunteer Mississippi")

Organization: State/Fed
Facility Type: Info/Hotline
Status: Open

, MS 00000


Workers at Facility: 11

Facility has Loading Dock: No
Facility has Forklift: No

Main/General Business Number: 601-432-6779 or 1-888-353-1793

Management Contact: (hidden)
Make Checks Payable To: not a 501c3, but can find one for you to donate to
Hours: Mon -Sat 8-5pm

Fee For Service: No

This organization provides Temporary or Permanent Service? Temporary


MCVS Prepares to Meet Mississippi's Needs in Isaac's Wake


All oil-contaminated materials will only be handled by trained, paid workers and not by volunteers. To apply for these jobs, go to the MS Department of Employment Security website, at and click on Oil Spill Jobs. Individuals may also call MDES at 1.888.844.3577.

Volunteer now to assist with tarping and clean-up of structural and vegetative debris or sorting and distribution of donated items. Volunteer operators with chainsaws and heavy equipment for removal of trees and storm debris are needed in all affected areas of central and north Mississippi. Skilled and unskilled volunteers should register on-site at a Volunteer Reception Center to be assigned to a volunteer request


1/1/07 per MS Center for Non-profits Newsletter:

Robert Renfroe and Judy Stein can discuss how nonprofit organizations go about applying for National Service volunteers, such as Americorps Volunteers, VISTA Volunteers, or National Civilian Community Corps Volunteers.

See also:

"Volunteer Mississippi" for details on this group's volunteer registry/database

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Created At: Mon Jul 17 18:44:36 -0700 2006
Updated At: Fri Aug 31 18:41:26 -0700 2012
Updated By: DNug

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