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Dedeaux Retreat Center (Catholic Charities/Pass Christian/LTRC)

Organization: Faith-Based Disaster Recovery
Facility Type: Volunteer Camp
Status: Open

Vidalia Rd
Pass Christian, MS 39571

Region:Gulf Coast

Main/General Business Number: (228)701-0555

Management Contact: (hidden)
Management Phone: (hidden)
Other Contacts:(hidden)
Make Checks Payable To: Go to:

This organization provides Temporary or Permanent Service? Temporary


Type of work:
(Know that as progress is made, the work description will change)

Debris removal
Warehouse support
Reconstruction projects (tentative at this point; may need specialized trade skills)
Office and clerical work

NOTE: We require that you have a current Tetanus shot before you arrive.
What you need to bring with you:

Bedding (sheets, pillow, blanket) and towels
Personal hygiene products
Thick soled footwear
Work clothes

You have the option of staying at the Dedeaux Retreat House in Pass Christian, MS, free of charge during your volunteer stay.

Volunteers can only stay for three weeks per visit
Breakfast and dinner provided (lunch is on your own)
Separate male and female dormitories (bay style with bunk beds)
Showers and a washer/dryer

While on Dedeaux Retreat House property


We respect you and your needs as volunteers.
No alcohol or drugs allowed on property
Doors are secured from 10:45 pm until 6:00 am every night


We are happy to report that we are receiving a huge response to
our request for volunteers from all over the country. It would
be extremely helpful to us and beneficial to you as volunteers
to provide the following information before you call:

Definite arrival and departure dates
Definite male/female ratio
Definite number of people in your party

The sooner you can furnish us with this information the sooner
your visit can be confirmed. We cannot hold a spot for long
without confirmation. Thank you so much for your cooperation.


Biloxi/Gulfport, MS International Airport: GPT (*15 miles)
Mobile, Al International Airport: MOB (*77 miles)
Jackson, MS International Airport: JAN (*220 miles)
*approximate mileage to Dedeaux retreat house


Enterprise: 1-800-261-7331
Available at Jackson and Mobile
Budget: 1-800-527-0700
Available at Gulfport, Jackson, and Mobile
Hertz: 1-800-654-3131
Available at Gulfport, Jackson, and Mobile

Directions to Dedeaux Retreat Center
From Gulfport:
I-10W to Menge Ave, Exit 24
Right (North) off ramp onto Menge Ave (Firetower Rd)
Firetower deadends at Vidalia Rd; merge right onto Vidalia
Remain on Vidalia; Dedeaux Retreat center is on left after
Sacred Heart Catholic Church

Dedeaux Retreat Center
14595 Vidalia Rd
Pass Christian, MS 39571

(old note) 7/11/03 alw
data entered from website, orgazination verified via web search
end notes

Info Source/Changes:
Kathleen Johnson,
Website: Updated contact info/county/notes
corrected organization, added key items/avails
(see full history)

Created At: Tue Jul 11 19:12:42 +0000 2006
Updated At: Fri Sep 26 18:38:27 +0000 2008
Updated By: DNug

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