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Heart Line Ministries (MEDICAL CLINIC) - 2010 Haiti Earthquake

Organization: Medical Facility
Facility Type: Medical Facility
Status: Open

Rue Gelin #6
Tabarre, HT 00000


Main/General Business E-mail Address: (hidden)

Management Contact: (hidden)
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Need: Medical People Needed

We are running a clinic to help those in need. The clinic is located at our Women's facility located at Rue Gelin #6 in Tabarre. We are transporting patients from Simone Pele, a slum near Cite Soleil. We need Doctors and Surgeons that can provide medical care to the injured. If you are interested in going please contact Shelly Stammis at We are currently organizing how to get groups and supplies into Haiti. Our first group traveled on Sunday January 17th on a charter flight out of Florida. If you are committed to going, please start raising funds for your trip and the supplies that you will bring in to Haiti. Please contact Shelly at the email above for a list of supplies. The injuries are mostly fractures, gaping open wounds and compartmental syndrome.

If anyone knows of a facility taking seriously injured people in PAP, please contact Currently we are running out of room for patients as we are unable to find places for those who are unable to be released after we treat them.

We have been able to get diesel from a couple of sources. Thanks to everyone that helped arrange diesel deliveries.


Need: Other volunteers needed

We can not have other volunteers travel at this time. It is likely going to be months before we can. However, we are anticipating needing volunteers to help rebuild workers homes and other facilities. We are unsure exactly how many of our workers homes were destroyed, but we anticipate it will take at least $5,000 to rebuild each home. Keep watching this site to find out details of when and how you can help with rebuilding. In the mean time, please help raise funds for the critical needs we have now.


Need: Supplies needed

We are not able to receive supplies as donations as the logistics for receiving them and getting them to Haiti is too difficult at this point. We need money to purchase supplies that are already in Haiti. We also have had someone donate the use of a plane and a pilot for a short while. We are going to be coordinating supplies out of Florida. The best way for us to get them is to purchase them as the need arises. Sending supplies to Florida will take time and cause excess of some supplies and shortages of others. The financial need is huge and prices are high for materials we require. For example, a gallon of gas that was $3 a few days ago is now costing us $12. This is true for almost all supplies.

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