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Action Aid - 2010 Haiti Earthquake Response

Organization: Social Services
Facility Type: Info/Hotline
Status: Open

MAIL ADDR: 1420 K Street, NW, Suite 900, Washington, DC 20005

HAITI HQ: 6 Rue Marcadieu, Bourdon,


Port-au-Prince, HT 00000


Main/General Business Number: 1-202-835-1240 / HAITI: +509 (3)731 6752

Other Contacts:(hidden)

Mission: from the website:

Vision: A world without poverty in which every person can exercise his or her right to a life of dignity.

Mission: ActionAid’s mission is to work with poor and marginalized people to eradicate poverty by overcoming the injustice and inequality that cause it.

Values: Action Aid lives by the following values:

Mutual respect and recognizing the dignity and worth of all people and the value of diversity is one of the core values of ActionAid.

Equity and justice, requiring us to work to ensure that everyone -- irrespective of sex, age, race, color, class, religion, creed, physical handicap, ethnic group, sexual orientation, physical ability, health, culture, trade union activity or social background -- has equal opportunity for expressing and utilizing their potential.

Honesty and transparency, requiring us to be accountable for the effectiveness of our actions and open in our judgments and communications with others.

Solidarity with poor and marginalized people, so that our only bias will be a commitment to the interests of the poor and powerless.

Courage of conviction, requiring us to be creative and radical, without fear of failure, in pursuit of the highest possible impact on the causes of poverty.

Humility, recognizing that we are a part of a bigger alliance against poverty, and requiring our presentation and behavior to be modest.

Areas Served: Mariani, Port-au-Prince, Jacmel

This organization provides Temporary or Permanent Service? Temporary


Contact Name in Haiti: Jean Claude FIGNOLE
Phone: +509 (3)731 6752
Email: jeanclaude.fignole
Phone: info
Email: mail.jhb



Haiti earthquake one month later: ActionAid's response

A month after the earthquake in Haiti, ActionAid has succeeded in addressing basic needs and urgent priorities in affected areas where we work. We have set up a regular feeding program for more than 15,000 people in six camps in the Mariani area of Port-au-Prince, one of the poorest areas of the city. And we will reach another 12,000 people in the coming days, despite ongoing logistical challenges.

The food distributions are taking place every two weeks and each family gets enough nutritious food to last until the next delivery. These distributions will continue for at least another two months.

Jean Claude Fignole, ActionAid’s Country Representative in Haiti, points out that “Our food aid program has been going for three weeks now and we have also starting giving out blankets and kitchen sets".

“The process has been with the full participation of the community and we have given extra help to vulnerable groups like pregnant women, the disabled and the elderly. We work with grassroots organizations which is why we have been able to reach people in a dignified way.”

In addition ActionAid will this week begin delivering food aid to 12,000 people in Jacmel in the south east of the country, which was also hard hit by the earthquake. With our local partner organization CROSE, we are also planning to give out seeds and tools in Jacmel before the planting season starts in March.

Jean Claude Fignole adds that “Our next focus will be on providing shelter ahead of the rainy season in March, helping children get back to school and people get back to work. Another important element of our work will be trauma healing for those who have lost loved ones and been left in shock by the earthquake.”

ActionAid will be working on the protection of women and girls in the refugee camps. We also plan to reach out in areas that were less affected by the earthquake but have seen an influx of people from the areas that were harder hit.

ActionAid has a long-established program in Haiti; we have been working there since 1996. Over the coming months and years, we will work in partnership with Haitian civil society to help poor men and women to rebuild their homes and livelihoods.

Your help is still urgently needed. Please join with the people Haiti in supporting this vital, life saving work.



Haiti, one of the poorest places in the world, needs your help after a powerful earthquake rocked the nation late Tuesday afternoon.

Massive death tolls are expected in Haiti due to the catastrophic 7.0 earthquake and ActionAid has begun on-the-ground emergency relief efforts, while also launching an appeal for funds to help better assist Haitians down the road. Our emergency team is planning to deliver clean water, shelter and goods like blankets and soap to 20,000 people.

“This latest disaster will hit the poorest Haitians hardest and they will need help from the international community to recover,” said Adriano Campolina, ActionAid’s Americas International director. “We will be doing an initial assessment and are trying to get extra staff flown as soon as possible.

“After the initial emergency has passed ActionAid will also help poor people to rebuild their homes and restart their livelihoods,” he added.

When emergencies occur, ActionAid responds efficiently and effectively in the short term through our Strategic Crisis Fund, which allows immediate disbursement of funds for rapid or slow-onset humanitarian response, such as providing medicines, food and shelter to people in need.

ActionAid has been in Haiti since 1996, working with over 30,000 people. We urgently need your help to save lives in the short term, while we also assist Haitians to rebuild their lives.

Your donation today will directly help Haitians struggling with the earthquake's aftermath. Please join us.


Action Aid: Harjeet Singh, Emergency Advisor alce.jeanbaptiste

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