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Action Against Hunger | ACF International - 2010 Haiti Earthquake

Organization: International Humanitarian
Facility Type: Info/Hotline
Status: Open

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Region:Haiti, Caribbean

Main/General Business Number: 877 777 1420

Make Checks Payable To: Action Against Hunger

Mission: Action Against Hunger | ACF International is a global humanitarian organization committed to ending world hunger. Recognized as a leader in the fight against malnutrition, ACF works to save the lives of malnourished children while providing communities with sustainable access to safe water and long-term solutions to hunger. With 30 years of expertise in emergency situations of conflict, natural disaster, and chronic food insecurity, ACF runs life-saving programs in some 40 countries benefiting 5 million people each year.

Areas Served: Haiti

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ACF Expands Cholera Response in Haiti amidst Crisis
Source: Action Against Hunger-USA
Date: 12 Nov 2010

ARTIBONITE, HAITI— Action Against Hunger | ACF International has stepped up its response to the cholera outbreak in Haiti, which has grown in the wake of flooding caused by Hurricane Tomas. The global humanitarian agency warns that cholera could spiral out of control given its recent spread into Port-au-Prince, its rapid growth in the Artibonite and North-West departments, severe weather conditions that have exacerbated the problem, and insufficient resources to combat the disease.

More assistance is needed as the number of cholera cases grows precipitously, particularly in the Artibonite department, considered the epicenter of the crisis. For example, 480 people arrived at a hospital in the city of Raboteau, Artibonite, on November 8th seeking medical attention, compared to 360 the previous day and 104 the day before. Although the storm's impact was less severe than expected, Hurricane Tomas flooded much of Gonaives, the capital of the department, making it increasingly difficult for aid agencies to reach affected areas.

To control the spread of disease in Gonaives in the immediate aftermath of Hurricane Tomas, Action Against Hunger boosted its emergency response, flying in additional public health experts and providing 10,000 people at risk of cholera with kits containing treatment tablets, soap, and rehydration packets. These activities supplement ongoing distributions in the Artibonite and the North-West departments, where ACF is reaching some 60,000 people. In Port-au-Prince, where the first cases of cholera were officially reported last week, Action Against Hunger is distributing chlorine to cholera treatment centers and disinfecting water points that provide 300,000 people with daily access to clean drinking water.

The humanitarian organization is also implementing a wide-reaching public awareness campaign on the importance of hand-washing and preparing food with chlorinated water as a means to prevent further outbreaks. Every day, the ACF's messages reach some 20,000 people at markets, distribution points and other public places.

The cholera outbreak has highlighted the huge water, sanitation and hygiene needs in Haiti, the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. According to a study carried out by Action Against Hunger in 2008, 41% of Haitians have access to latrines, and half the population cannot access clean drinking water. In Artibonite, two-thirds of the population has no access to safe drinking water and latrines. In rural areas, sanitation is largely non-existent: one in twenty people has access to a latrine, and waste management systems are extremely limited. Beyond the current emergency response, establishing adequate water, sanitation and hygiene systems in Haiti is critical to avert future disease outbreaks.



Action Against Hunger Responds to Cholera Outbreak in Haiti
Source: Action Against Hunger-USA
Date: 26 Oct 2010

ACF rushes to contain crisis in hard-hit areas as illness threatens thousands of lives

October 26, 2010

ARTIBONITE, HAITI—Action Against Hunger | ACF International has launched an emergency response to contain cholera in Artibonite, the epicenter of an epidemic that has thus far killed over 250 people and caused at least 3,000 more reported cases, and to prevent its spread in the capital of Port-au-Prince. The deadly water-borne illness resurfaced in Haiti last week for the first time in over a hundred years.

Action Against Hunger has launched a massive operation in the Artibonite department to provide 100,000 people with access to clean water and emergency hygiene through distributions of water treatment tablets, soap, and rehydration packets. Along with the distributions, ACF is engaging in a broad public awareness campaign to disseminate basic public health information, including on the importance of hand-washing and preparing food with chlorinated water, to control this highly contagious disease.

In Gonaives, the capital of Artibonite, Action Against Hunger is distributing chlorine to hospitals and health centers to mitigate the risk of the disease spreading among vulnerable populations. The organization, in close coordination with local authorities and other humanitarian actors in the area, is also working to support the establishment of special cholera treatment centers.

In addition, Action Against Hunger is focused on preventing the spread of cholera to Port-au-Prince, where hundreds of thousands of people still remain in makeshift camps following the earthquake.

"We are currently distributing clean water every day to over 300,000 people in Port-au-Prince," said Pierre Tripon, Action Against Hunger's Country Director in Haiti. "Following the cholera outbreak, we have increased the level of chlorine in the water supplied and increased our hygiene promotion activities. There is a lack of knowledge about the disease because there has not been an outbreak for more than a century."


ACF launches on-the-ground response in aftermath of Haiti’s devastating earthquake

January 13, 2010

PORT AU PRINCE, HAITI—Action Against Hunger | ACF International has mobilized an emergency response following the earthquake that devastated the city of Port-au-Prince yesterday. ACF teams on the ground have begun to carry out rapid evaluations across the city, while additional support, equipment, and materials—including water treatment supplies, emergency vehicles, and communications equipment—are en route from ACF’s bases in Gonaives.

In addition to ACF’s in-country staff, a team has been mobilized to arrive with an initial planeload of emergency stocks from its staging grounds in Paris to supplement efforts on the ground. These stocks include emergency water and sanitation equipment and food aid supplies. Additional shipments of emergency supplies will be sent after rapid assessments are carried out.

ACF has been present in Haiti since 1985 and currently has about a hundred staff members in the country, including some thirty emergency aid workers in Port-au-Prince.

Current conditions make it extremely difficult to assess the extent of the damage in Port-au-Prince. ACF’s own offices were badly damaged, with much of our equipment destroyed, but our teams are largely intact and unharmed.

Given the realities of Port-au-Prince’s urban sprawl, endemic poverty, and chronic water and sanitation problems, ACF’s initial response will anticipate severe difficulties in access to drinking water. High rates of chronic malnutrition and the likely destruction of food stocks are also of immediate concern.

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