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Yamhill Community Action Partnership (YCAP)

Facility Type: Info/Hotline
Status: Open

P.O. Box 621
800 NE Second St.

1317 NE Dustin Court

McMinnville, OR 97128


Main/General Business Number: 503-472-0457 or 1-800-945-9992

Other Contacts:(hidden)
Hours: Monday - Friday 8am - 5pm

Mission: from website:

About YCAP

Yamhill Community Action Partnership, a private nonprofit organization serving residents of Yamhill County since 1980, is one of more than 1,000 community action agencies nationwide. These agencies were created to promote the health, education and general welfare of Americans in need. Our mission is to advocate for and assist persons toward self-sufficiency.

We serve Yamhill County which covers 718 square miles and is home to approximately 95,000 people. Of these residents, 10% of families, 15% of individuals, and 24% of children under the age of 18 live below the poverty level. YCAP serves many of these low-income residents, such as seniors and those with disabilities who struggle with fixed incomes, as well as individuals and families who are in low-wage positions or seeking employment, survivors of domestic violence, migrant families, homeless families and at-risk youth.

Food Bank
Client Services & Housing
Energy Services
Youth Outreach

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Yamhill Food Bank -
We provide food, organizational and technical support to a countywide network of Partner Food Agencies of emergency food box pantries, soup kitchens, group meal sites and a gleaner group. There are 25 partner agencies total: 13 pantries, two soup kitchens, nine group meal sits and one gleaner group. We work hard to ensure that boxes/meals are healthy and have a variety of good food groups including fresh fruits and vegetables, protein, cereals and grains.

Available food depends on what has been donated.


Client Services & Housing-
YCAP operates three shelter homes in Yamhill County—one in Newberg and two in McMinnville. The shelters house single women and families with children. Fourty-one homeless families were served in 2010-2011 for a total of 7,704 shelter nights.

When life circumstances change its easy to become overwhelmed and not know where to turn. Our case managers work with individuals in emergency situations to review their options, find needed resources and create individualized solutions to help the person get back on their feet.


Lowering the amount of energy consumption in the home lowers energy cost. For the elderly, disabled or disadvantaged families, increased energy costs in the home have become a barrier to making necessary purchases such as medication, food or clothing. Our Energy Services help households evaluate their energy usage and provide energy education and weatherization. In addition, depending on income level, they may offer assistance with energy expenses.


Important steps to self-sufficiency can hinge on transportation. Whether it’s a job interview, shopping for groceries or a doctor’s appointment – getting there is important. We provide 80% of Yamhill County’s public transit service through a contract with Yamhill County Transit Area. There is bus service in McMinnville, to local Yamhill County cities and to connector cities outside the area, like Salem and Hillsboro. Dial-a-ride provides passengers with curb-to-curb service. Free medical transportation to Portland hospitals and doctors is available via our Volunteer Medical Transportation (VMT) program in cooperation with the VA.

Transit Services include:

* Dial-a-Ride
* Medical Transportations
* Bus Service in McMinnville, between Yamhill County cities, and to Salem and Hillsboro (Max Station)
* Connection to Newberg and Sherwood


Youth Outreach

Youth Outreach successfully addresses the needs of at-risk youth, ages 10-21, in Yamhill County by creating partnerships with public and private agencies, community groups and individuals, and youth themselves to fund and implement creative, supportive, cost effective programs. These programs are grounded in positive youth development and include services such as: case management, support/skills groups (both youth and family), school liaison services, youth leadership development opportunities, quality afterschool programs, street youth outreach, homework club and study hall, emergency youth shelter called “SafeShelter” and an evening “Drop-In” Center – designed to get at-risk youth “off the streets”.

Our main office is located in Newberg at 719 E. First Street and our operating hours are 9:00 am – 9:00 pm Monday through Friday year round. Our office number is 503.538.8023 and our YouthHelpLine is 1.866.538.8023. All of our services are free.



Are you interested in donating time to help YCAP? Take time to look over some of our volunteer opportunities. Please email or call Laura at LauraK @ or (503) 472-0457 x152) to discuss what interests you and how you can best fit into our team.



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