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Joy Fellowship Church

Organization: Church
Facility Type: Info/Hotline
Status: Open

1510 Lindberg Drive
(I-10 Service Rd. at Gause Blvd.)
Slidell, LA 70458

County/Parish:St. Tammany

Main/General Business Number: (985) 774-6093
Main/General Business E-mail Address: (hidden)

Management Contact: (hidden)
Management Phone: (hidden)
Other Contacts:(hidden)

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LTel 9/3/12 - From their facebook page:

Hi Friends,
On August years to the day that Hurricane Katrina dealt a devastating blow to the southeastern United States, we were again visited with a destructive storm here in the New Orleans area named Isaac. Though these types of occurrences are a non-anomaly to the region, they are quite a blow to individuals, business, and governmental infrastructure. Thanking a great and mighty God, we did not see near the level of destruction that we did with Hurricane Katrina. Those of you who came and locked arms and hearts with us will remember the almost "atomic bomb" landscape you encountered well into the third year following Katrina's landfall here in Southeast Louisiana and Southern Mississippi. For those who did not follow our work closely, we intensively and faithfully served our community for the next five years after we began our relief efforts on the Slidell campus of Joy Fellowship Church. In the second year following the storm, we, with the help of friends in Texas purchased property and opened a satellite church in the ravaged Lower Ninth Ward of New Orleans, with weekly services and food distribution for the hundreds who came to our outreach there. We partnered with organizations to bring thousands of toys to children of Katrina for Christmas five straight years after Katrina. For the thousands of you who slept on our floors, ate our humble offerings from the kitchen, cried with us, laughed with us, and most of all served with us, we will never forget your labor of love and committed ministry you gave to us all. (Hebrews 6:10)
So where does this leave us concerning Hurricane Isaac? I was blessed with a wonderful father who imparted into my life many amazing things. One of them was to pick your battles. While there are many, many needs and people left homeless from wind and flood waters here in St. Tammany Parish, the infrastructure of commerce and government are intact, and therefore we will let those people deal with helping on a day to day basis. For any of you coming down to help with the effects of Isaac, we would love for you to visit with us. Upon your arrival you will find a much more civil, warm and welcoming place than the war zone you encountered here seven years ago.
What about Joy Fellowship Church? Being totally honest and transparent, we could use some financial help. Due to the storm, evacuations, cancelled services and other disruptions, we suffered a substantial loss of income that will affect us in the days and weeks to ahead. We also lost “old blue”…our sign. Just a few weeks before Katrina, we erected those two bright blue Joy Fellowship church sign panels that became so familiar to the multiplied thousands who came to us to help us and to receive the help you contributed to bringing. After Katrina, I remember remarking to my wife on the ride home from evacuation that the new sign would be nothing but wreckage. How surprised we were to find them not only intact but unscathed by 135+ mile an hour winds! Well, we’re going to need a new sign now. We are not exactly sure of what damage there is to our building. We will be having the roof structure inspected and the building checked out in the days ahead to determine any further damages from Isaac. Our insurance, which has an obscenely high annual premium cost, still has a ten thousand dollar deductible, and I doubt our damages will amount to that so whatever we will have to fix will be out of pocket. If you feel that you would like to donate to Joy Fellowship church to offset our current financial situation, you may go to our website at . On the home page there is a direct link to our Paypal account and from there it’s a snap.
Nearly all of you who will be reading this know Leslie and I. In the seven years of our friendship, we have only on rare occasion asked for help of any kind and never for ourselves. This time, we are the ones needing the hand up. In any event we covet your prayers. Thank you so very much for your friendship, your love, and most of all, your heart of compassion. God bless you!

Pastor Larry Roques
Senior Pastor
Joy Fellowship Church
Slidell, LA


Gustav - 2008

Via website review they appear to be in full operation
with drive through distribution of food, hot lunches, supplies
and take appliance orders for folks in need.

The do in fact house some volunteers in trailors as well as
church members homes and the church sanctuary.

Leslie T.


(old note)
LAST UPDATE ON WEBSITE WAS 4/06 (Leslie T. 8/13/06)

Joy Fellowship in Slidell has an amazing distribution
center set-up in front of their Church. They have plans
to keep this much needed distribution center up and running
for the next 6 months, but are in need of volunteers. I
believe they have a couple of trailers to house volunteers
as well as feed them during their stay.

Please call Kim Duncan at 985-707-3331

Joy Fellowship Church is a full gospel non denominational
church located in Slidell, LA. Here at Joy Fellowship,
God's Word is preached without compromise. We have services
on Sunday mornings and Wednesday evening.

On the third Sunday of the month, we get together for Breaking
Bread Sunday, where after worship and communion, we enjoy a
"Pot Blessing" meal together. Every other Tuesday night, the
men get together for fellowship. Every Friday, the women meet
for a Bible study and fellowship.

If you are looking for a church, we would love to have you join

Laurence S. Roques
Senior Pastor

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