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Union Gospel Mission

Organization: Faith-Based Community Outreach/Disaster Recovery/Relief
Facility Type: Shelter
Status: Open

3 NW 3rd Ave.
Portland, OR 97209


Main/General Business Number: 503-274-4483

Mission: from website:
Since 1927, Union Gospel Mission has been “Feeding the hungry, restoring the addict and loving our neighbor…” Union Gospel Mission was founded by 40 area churches to assist the needy and hurting in Portland. Today, Union Gospel Mission remains true to that vision through offering meals and Christian outreach to the homeless and needy and providing addiction recovery in the LifeChange community.

Union Gospel Mission is governed by staff leadership and a Board of Directors. Support for Union Gospel Mission is provided by individual donors, grants, businesses, churches and revenue from the thrift store. Union Gospel Mission is a charity, designated 501 c 3– contributions are tax deductible as the law allows.

Areas Served: Portland, OR
Eligibility For Services: Homeless/Needy/Folks in Need of Winter Emergency Sheltering

This organization provides Temporary or Permanent Service? Temporary


December 8, 09

Gospel Mission of Portland Hi Fans- We have been open the past few nights for emergency shelter and providing a day room in response to the cold weather. Can you help us out with coffee, snacks and paper plates & cups for the people here coming out of the cold? Give us a call 503-274-4483.Yesterday at 11:41am

Desperately Needed -

Donations accepted

8am-9pm, every day

• 50-60 sleeping bags

• gloves

• hats

• socks


2008 -

Union Gospel Mission offers emergency shelter during freeze

Cold weather, slick roads, school and event cancellations are all problems many of us face during the freezing cold weather in Portland. These are minor annoyances when you are homeless. During this freeze Union Gospel Mission is offering an emergency overnight shelter to the homeless. The dining room at the Mission is a place to sleep out of the cold.

Union Gospel Mission needs blankets, coffee and pastries for the emergency shelter. Please drop off these items at 15 N.W. Third Avenue, or call 503-274-4483.

You can make a donation online to help at


Looking for a great opportunity to impact your community? Then you are looking in the right spot! Union Gospel Mission seeks volunteers in a variety of areas. There are one time, short term opportunities or long term intensive ones to choose from. So, come on your own, or with a church, school, workplace or civic group and get involved!

How to volunteer

Give us a call at 503-274-4483, and ask for the volunteer coordinator to learn about volunteer openings. Or email to



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