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ACTS World Relief - 2010 Haiti Earthquake

Organization: Faith Based Disaster Relief/Recovery
Facility Type: Info/Hotline
Status: Open

U.S. Mail Address: 600 Citrus Ave., Ft. Pierce, FL 34950

Carrefour, HT 00000


Main/General Business Number: 866 558 2287 - 407 625-4655

Management Contact: (hidden)
Other Contacts:(hidden)

Mission: First Responders

They set up the following operations:
- Point of Distribution (POD) and distribution services for Food Banks, etc.
- Mass Feeding: pre-packaged meals and prepare hot meals working together with agencies such as the Red Cross, and also the EOC.
- Volunteer Training
- Search and Rescue Operations. ACTS has two triage semi-trailer expandable units with generators and AC for patient triage needs. ACTS is assembling smaller mobile vans to work from the base camp.
- Emergency Medical Care
- Roof Repair volunteers install tarps and work with the Army Corp. of Engineers alongside others.
- Yard Cleanup and tree removal are necessary for emergency housing.
- Short and Long Term Housing reconstruction helpers work with other agencies. Plans are being laid for ACTS to coordinate assembling quick houses in a box, which will hold up better than house trailers.
- Emergency Animal Care
- Volunteer and Prayer Helpline Calling Centers
- Year-long Internship Taskforce Training programs
- Command Center with satellite and ham radio
- Mobile Sound Stages provide spiritual and emotional care through music and encouragement.


Phase 1 - Operation Haiti [HQ]
by ACTS World Relief
17:52 Thank you James Price of Northlands for putting this together.

Areas Served: Gulfcoast

Fee For Service: No

This organization provides Temporary or Permanent Service? Permanent


New Volunteer team coming in 11/4 & first part of 12/10.


6/24/10 LTel:

Per Michelle Crombie, Vol. Coord. for ACTS World Relief they are on hiatus in Haiti until 7/17/10 when a team of 25 volunteers will arrive and be present through 8/14/10. Their final current team of 2 volunteers leaves 6/25/10.



We are scheduling teams throughout the summer and into fall. Teams of 5-7 people for 2-4 weeks are ideal however larger groups may be accommodated with prior approval. Doctors/PAs, Nurses, Dentists, Dental Ass't, Security/EMT/Fire/ Paramedics, Psychologists, Mental Health/Social Workers, General Labor, Emotional & Spiritual, Educational and Disaster Relief Education providers are all desired and appreciated.

Covers lodging for entire trip, two meals a day (breakfast/dinner), transportation to/from airport and in-country transportation.

* $100/person non-refundable deposit must be submitted online to secure your registration and date.
* $395/person fee paid in cash to Haiti Basecamp Director upon arrival.
* $295/person fee paid in cash to Haiti Basecamp Director upon arrival for groups of 10 or more.

For additional information on volunteering, please go to:


4/10/10: ACTS World Relief chose the Citizen Action Team Relief Database to partner with to provide coordination and direction on orphanage needs in Haiti. CAT is sharing recommendations on proper orphanage assessment and preliminary phone assessment details to provide to ACTS Volunteer teams that will visit the physical sites.


Our Dedication to Haiti Continues...

* Phase I:
First two weeks: Initial deployment/disaster relief at Hopitale Adventiste and implemented feeding program for patients, volunteers and families in need.
* Phase II:
First three months: Set up community medical clinics. Sent out mobile medical teams to disaster areas & orphanages, continued the feeding program and set up dental clinic.
* Phase III:
Moved to new location. Collaboration with partners to set up Pediatric Rehabilitation & Prosthetic Training Center. Continue with mobile teams to schools and orphanages to assess medical, emotional & spiritual and structural needs. Continue hot meal program to schools and orphanges. Operate current free community medical clinic x 1-2 days/week.


Please view our Haiti Photo Journal Page!

Wednesday, February 10
ACTS and Operation Hope for Children of Haiti are continually amazed how things are coming together and networks and bonds are forming. We are so fortunate to work with so many teams/relief groups that we'll have to mention in a seperate post to thank them all! Here are some stats and how all of our volunteers have made a difference. Thank you!


Monday, February 1 - FROM THE WEBLOG:

ACTS and Operation Hope, an NGO of Haiti, have united in serving together. Dr. Eddy is the brother of Dr. Archer, the hospital medical director, where we began. ACTS, a long-time partner has fed 20,000 hot meals for hospital patients and refugees to date. We have helped 11,000 patients so far. Mainly mothers and children.

We are witnessing God provide the urgent medicine we need one day at a time. ACTS is averaging dispensing $300,000 in medicine per week. We distributed five truckloads of water and four truckloads of food. We have been able to save the hospital $100,000 in food costs and donated 3,500 gallons of diesel fuel for the generator. Today we provided the hospital with new badly needed ventilator. God is good! The best is yet to come.

ACTS is donating two 180x330 circus tents worth over 1 million dollars in partnership with the YMCA to create a new village for refugees. We will supply medical teams and ACTS partnership with Haitian government to provide location and logistical support for the new village.

The medical camp at Carrfour and the outpost team has treated 2200 patients in the last two days. In our partnership with Operation Hope we are serving over 1100 patients per day from all sites. We received stories from our teams in our debrief last night.


Tuesday, January 26

On January 26, 2010 ACTS World Relief began Phase II, transitioning into community outreach in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. As a part of Phase II, ACTS is helping to establish and support 50 orphanages and 5 medical clinics.

In Phase I ACTS flew in 100 medical, emotional/spiritual, search and rescue, and safety volunteers into Port-au-Prince for the purpose of identifying, assisting and stabilizing 1200 patients in need of acute medical care. Our medical professionals performed 156 orthopedic procedures and amputations. With the acute needs diminishing, Loma Linda University and Florida Hospital will take over organizing and providing long-term care for the Port-au-Prince hospital.

Many from the hospital commented “I’m truly amazed at how ACTS is able to deploy so quickly and operate with such professionalism. Our people cannot thank you enough for saving so many lives.”

Phase II includes establishing teams of general medical professionals, including PTs, those trained in spiritual/emotional care, health educators and security staff. They will provide care and support for the orphanages and medical clinics.


posted here on 1/16/10

ACTS World Relief News Flash!
ACTS World Relief is responding to the devastation in Haiti by sending in an immediate response team consisting of Physicians, Public Health, Construction, Spiritual and Emotional Care and Logistics Team Leaders on Monday January 18. A smaller team will arrive on January 16. We are scheduled to meet with the President and lay out plans for both immediate and long- term recovery. ACTS is collaborating with key leaders in World Vision. Medical supplies are urgently needed for our teams, as well as financial donations. These donations will provide life support both physically and spiritually. Call Marcia Trott for more information if you would like to become a part of a volunteer response teams 864 578-2515 or David Canther 407 625-4655, or sign up here. Please use our online donation page or send donations to:

ACTS World Relief, 600 Citrus Ave. Ft. Pierce, FL 34950

News Flash! - Haiti
We're preparing to deploy emergency response teams along with emotional and spiritual care teams to assist with the devastation in Haiti.
Please send donations to: ACTS World Relief, 600 Citrus Ave. Ft. Pierce, FL 34950. Or, go to the donation page to donate with credit card or PayPal.
Willing and able to volunteer? Fill out our Volunteer Registration Form



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