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Families Helping Families - A Project of the Jenna Druck Foundation

Organization: Non- Profit - Disaster Recovery
Facility Type: Walk-in Resource
Status: Open

2820 Roosevelt Road Suite 200
San Diego, CA 92106

County/Parish:San Diego

Main/General Business Number: 619.294.8000

Make Checks Payable To: Jenna Druck Foundation

Mission: Families Helping Families (FHF) was born to give people a new way to treat people grieving. When Jenna Druck died tragically in 1996, her father Dr. Ken Druck sought help to survive the grief. As a mental health professional, Dr. Druck consulted within his community of peers only to find no solace.

The expert model, based on a rigid understanding of grief and a dogmatic approach to 'recovery' did not work for him. Rather than resign himself to the status quo, Dr. Druck poured his energy and love for Jenna into the creation of The Jenna Druck Foundation and its innovative Families Helping Families program.

Rather than an expert model, FHF is a peer program. We realize that grief is an individual journey, with no right way and no 'cure.' There are generalities that may be applicable to an individual, but each person's journey is a result of their entire life, their existing relationships, and the relationship with the person they have lost - and that is absolutely unique.

FHF provides a network of peers for exploring the deeply personal experience of grief, in a supportive and empathetic environment. Sometimes, all one needs is to know that they are not alone in their grief, and there is a shoulder to lean on.

The activities of FHF are led by certified bereavement counselors who have personally experienced losses, and who strive to provide a safe and comforting environment for others to explore their own feelings towards loss, as well as allowing an opportunity to build the foundation of a new life - hence our motto that 'Hope Loves Company.'

Areas Served: San Diego County
Eligibility For Services:Impacted by 2007 SoCal Wildfires

This organization provides Temporary or Permanent Service? Temporary


Helping Families Cope & Heal from the San Diego Wild Fires

The Jenna Druck Foundation is supporting the community during this time of devastation and loss. Our information and resources have been distributed accross San Diego County and Dr. Ken Druck was featured on Larry King Live, KPBS, Channel 10, Clear Channel radio stations: 95.7, 93.3, AM600, and others.

Our programs are designed to support families, schools, workplaces and community organizations deal with the experience of trauma and loss.

At this time we are providing:

Town Hall Meetings in your local community facilitated by Dr. Ken Druck:

“Compassionate Classroom” School Assemblies designed for students and teachers;
“Compassionate Workplace" Sessions for the business place;
Consultation and Referral Service; and, Support Groups.

"Tips" for Helping Yourself and Your Kids Cope with The Fires:

Please contact our office to arrange an on-site meeting or to sign-up for our newly forming Wild Fire Support Group.

Families Helping Families
A Program of the Jenna Druck Foundation
2820 Roosevelt Road Suite 200
San Diego, CA 92106
619.294.8000 ▪

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